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BLP at Greswold

At Greswold we use the Building Learning Power (BLP) philosophy of learning to help our children learn how to learn. We teach the children about the four dispositions (reflectiveness, resourcefulness, reciprocity and resilience) using our BLP animal characters. 
"Hi. I'm Ellie the reflective elephant."
 Ellie the reflective elephant always plans what she is doing carefully and sometimes works on her own or with her friends. She has a fantastic memory and can change her mind about things confidently. She knows what to do in different situations by remembering what she has done before.
"Hi. I'm Betty the resourceful bee."
Betty the resourceful bee has a very good memory and remembers what she has learnt and which resources to use when carrying out new activities. She has a fantastic imagination. Betty likes to ask lots of questions and is able to explain what she is thinking, to her friends.
"Hi. I'm Monty the reciprocal monkey."
Monty the reciprocal monkey sometimes likes to work on his own but also with his friends as a team when he needs to. He is very friendly and likes to talk to lots of other monkeys and learn from them. He is very good at listening and sharing and cares about his friends very much. He watches his friends carefully and sometimes likes to copy what they are doing.
"Hi. I'm Terry the resilient tortoise."
Terry the resilient tortoise always concentrates on what he is doing and tries his very best with everything he does. He never lets other tortoises distract him and is very clever at noticing different things around him.