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Book Changing Days

KS1 children visit the library once a week with their class teacher to borrow a book.  Please help your child to return their book every week on their library time day.  KS1 library times are as follows:


Year 1

Hedgehogs - Mondays

Owls - Fridays

Squirrels - Fridays


Year 2

Rabbits - Mondays

Badgers - Wednesdays

Otters - Wednesdays


KS2 children may visit the library during break-time or lunch-time, or during their class library time.  They may borrow 2 books at a time:  1 x Accelerated Reader book and 1x non-fiction book.  

You may use your child's log in to view their Accelerated Reader progress at home. 

If your child is new to Accelerated Reader, or you would like a refresher, you may find this parents' guide to Accelerated Reader helpful.  Please click here.


KS2 library times are as follows:


Year 3 - Thursdays


Chaffinches & Skylarks - Tuesdays

Nightingales - Thursdays


Oak - Fridays

Sycamore - Wednesdays


Year 6 - Mondays


Please help us maintain our library stock by helping your child return their library books on time.  New books will only be able to be issued when old ones are returned.