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This week:

This week as part of a whole school Science day we decided to focus our learning around water. We have carried out various experiments, which we have put on Tapestry. I wonder if your child can tell you what an investigation is and what we found out? We have looked at the Water Cycle and introduced words such as precipitation and condensation. We have also learnt a wonderful song about the Water Cycle to the tune of 'The wheels on the bus'. We spoke about sources of water and produced a class list of all the things we use water for. Later in the week we looked at how to be safe around water and talked about possible dangers, the children amazed us with their knowledge in this area. Next week we are going to be looking at 'Healthy Me' and all our activities are going to be practical. 



This week we have looked at the blends pr, sc, sk, sn and nch. We have noticed an improvement in the children recalling other phonic spellings when writing. Children are also completing activities quicker than before, which is wonderful! Please remember to practice the phase 3 and 4 tricky words. 

We have focused on Phase 5 Tricky Words - could, asked, their, called and looked. We have spoken to the children about their having an I in it as it belongs to someone and have explained that ed makes the words past tense. These words are getting super tricky so we have made lots of rhymes etc to help recall them. 


The other phonics group have been focusing on Phase 2 and 3 tricky words this week. The children who are continue to practice these at home are very evident and we are noticing great progress in these children's reading too. 



We have focused on sharing with numbers. The children have enjoyed the various activities. As a result we have discussed odd and even numbers. The children now appear to have a good understanding of this. Playing sharing games at home, such as sharing food, plates etc when preparing for dinner would really help the children consolidate their learning. We have also talked about capacity this week and measure as this linked perfectly to our theme of water. 




Please remember children need to come in wearing their PE kits on Thursdays and Fridays. We are still finding that children are coming in their uniform and this restricts their movement. We also wish to remind you that children should now be wearing school PE kits, blue shorts and white tops. If it is cooler then dark jogging bottoms are fine. Children should not be wearing logos on tops and various coloured shorts, leggings or joggers. 

Please remember to use Tapestry to share achievements and celebrations at home. 

Please remember to comment in your child's reading record, even a signature is great if you are short of time. We really value your feedback. 







Thank you for your continued support.