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On Monday 24th February there will not be a well done assembly. 


We recently asked all the parents who attended the parents evening, if they use the website regularly and we had very fixed feedback. We have decided that whilst we will keep all curriculum information on here, we will also duplicate the names of the children who will be receiving a certificate on Tapestry. You will receive a Tapestry notification if your child is receiving a certificate that week. 


We seem to have a decreasing number of Parents, Grandparents, Relatives or Friends joining us in our Celebration Assemblies. It really does mean so much to your child. The assembly starts just after 9 and parents can wait in the Nursery Foyer to be let in to join us. 




As we discussed at parents evening we will be splitting the children into different groups for phonics after half term. All children are working so hard and we will be continuing to practice these sounds and writing words and sentences. Please do use the phonics assessment sheets we gave you so that you can support your child with the sounds they are less confident with.


Please continue to revise the tricky words, even if your child knows them it is still important to revise them. 



After half term we will be looking at money. We will be handling different coins and looking at their values. Over half term if you are shopping, you could maybe encourage your child to help you count the money needed and look at change given etc. 


Parents Evening

It was lovely to have the opportunity to talk to you and share your child's successes! We want to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support and kind words, we really appreciate it. 

We hope you all have a wonderful half term break and we look forward to next half term!



PE Kits

Please remember to return all full PE kits on the Monday after half term. Our main PE session is on a Friday, however we do take advantage of the weather and will go outside at different points throughout the week. Please also check that your child's pumps still fit them and not just if they are too small. Some children's pumps are rather big and therefore they are struggling to climb and run in them.


Thank you 

Can we please remind you that children should now be wearing winter uniform, which does include a tie. Please also ensure all their extra belongings such as hats and gloves are clearly labelled.