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Week commencing 8.2.21


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Week commencing 1.2.21


Week commencing 25.1.21

Thank you Year 4 for the work that you have sent me this week. I hope you enjoy looking through each others work and are really proud of yourselves for your commitment to your learning through this second school lockdown. It is also great to see such a range of learning and even some cake and snowmen thrown in! I'm glad you took some time to go and play in the snow, though I believe the cake was sent to tease me! It looks delicious laugh 

Kiran and Josh have also had a go at making a thaumatrope and a stop motion animation video. They are great! Click here to have a look!
Week commencing 18.1.21


Week commencing 11.1.21
Thank you Y4 for all those who have sent some work in this week. It would be great for you to continue to do this and to also see even more children upload their work next week. smiley