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This week:

Rather than just having an Active maths day we decided to have an active week. We followed on from our work on Water to think about how else we can keep ourselves healthy. We have explored the idea of a healthy body and mind and all of our activities have been active. The whole school focused on Active Maths on Wednesday and we joined in too. There are lots of photos on the website, please follow this link to see them -

Some will also be added to Tapestry.


We have touched upon healthy eating and explained to the children that nothing is 'bad' for you and everything in moderation is good. Next week we have Sports Day and Transition Day so we shall be introducing a new topic to fit around these. 




This week we have looked at the blends scr, shr, thr, str and ay. We have noticed an improvement in the children recalling other phonic spellings when writing. We have now introduced phase 5 with these children. The children are writing dictated sentences where we read a sentence slowly with words with the new sound in and the children attempt to write the sentence. Some children are finding this a challenge, so we are practicing it regularly.

Please remember to practice the Phase 3 and 4 tricky words. 

We have focused on all Phase 5 Tricky Words this week. 


The other phonics group have been reading Phase 3 words and captions and demonstrating their understanding of the sounds in words by reading and following instructions or drawing a picture to match a caption. We have played bingo to recall the

Phase 3 sounds and children are becoming more confident and recognising them quickly. 



We have continued to look at odd and even numbers and the children are very good at this now. We have also looked at sharing amounts, halving amounts and creating equal groups of practical objects.

We have also looked at spatial awareness and have explored positional language such as behind, in front, next to, in between etc. We have also been giving children verbal instructions to make models and seeing if their model then matches the intended outcome. 



We are reading with children each week either 1:1 or in a guided group. Some are being challenged to read the band above their home readers to encourage them to build on their skills of segmenting and blending and using the pictures as clues without guessing. Please continue to read with your child and also comment on how they read, whether they enjoyed the book and areas they found a challenge, we don't need an account of the book they read as we know the stories well smiley

 Don't forget to send them in on Monday/ Tuesday to give us time to quarantine the books before reissuing them. 




Please remember children need to come in wearing their PE kits on  Fridays. We are still finding that children are coming in their uniform and this restricts their movement. We also wish to remind you that children should now be wearing school PE kits, blue  or dark coloured shorts and white/ light tops. If it is cooler then dark jogging bottoms are fine. Children should not be wearing logos on tops and various coloured shorts, leggings or joggers. 

Please send children in in their P.E. kits on Wednesday for Sports day. The children have been allocated a house colour for their team for this day. Their team colour will be sent to you via Tapestry. If possible we would like the children to wear a top representing that colour or with that colour on it if possible. Don't worry if you don't, normal P.E. kit is fine.


We will shortly communicate with you when we will be collecting reading books in and also when we will no longer be using Tapestry. We have to stop using Tapestry to give us time to download your child's journal and send it to you. 



Thank you for your continued support.