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Happy Eid to all those have celebrated this week

This week:

We have continued with our theme of Dinosaurs and have also begun looking for minibeasts. We shared the story Dear Dinosaur  where a child visits a museum and then writes to the dinosaur there. They all had a go at writing their own letter asking different questions. The children became paleontologists digging to find bones and dinosaurs in our mud pit. They have also designed and named their own dinosaurs wearing pants after sharing the story Dinosaurs love Underpants.

We have begun searching for minibeasts and talking about what the children thought they might find. We have a very fast moving centipede that didn't want to be seen on the camera and an ant that kept doing circuits of the pot. 



 This week Miss Elwell's group have continued their learning of phase three blends, the sounds covered are: ai, ee and igh. They have tried reading words and had a go at writing words too and also played lots of games. We have also introduced the Tricky words - the, he, she and we. They have looked at the pattern of the words all being spelt the same way with the long 'ee' sound.

Mrs Powell's group have focused on the blends ft, sk and lt. We have generated lists of words containing these words. We talked about the words containing vowel sounds and other consonants. The chldren have recorded some words using their phonic knowledge and we have played some games to support this. They have also written dictated sentences containing the blends and tricky words learnt.



This week we have counted on from a given number encouraging the children to hold the first number and count on to add the second amount rather than always starting at one and counting all together. We had fun subitising numbers when rolling to large dice together. The children have written and recorded teen numbers remembering to put the one first to represent the 10's number. We have also used a number of counting rhymes to encourage counting backwards and taking away.



We are reading with children each week either 1:1 or in a guided group. Some are being challenged to read the band above their home readers to encourage them to build on their skills of segmenting and blending and using the pictures as clues without guessing. Please continue to read with your child and also comment on how they read, whether they enjoyed the book and areas they found a challenge, we don't need an account of the book they read as we know the stories well smiley

 Don't forget to send them in on Monday/ Tuesday to give us time to quarantine the books before reissuing them.