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This week:


We have continued to learn about space and dinosaurs. The Children have created space and star splatter pictures and learnt about the Solar System. We used the children to demonstrate how the solar system moves around the sun.  They have created  split pin  astronauts and dinosaurs, drawn the planets and designed their own dinosaurs. We shared a beautiful story called Dear Dinosaur by  Chae Strathie and Nicola O'Byrne, in which a child writes to a T-Rex in a museum and he writes back. The children have had a go at writing their own letters to the T-Rex either telling him something about them or asking him a question. They have also watched Dino Dana. 



In maths the children have been learning about capacity and the language involved- Full, half full, empty, nearly full and nearly empty. They have also been subatising numbers 1-3 recognising it in different forms and patterns and different ways to show them through dice spots, the numeral, counters and numicon. They have also seen these numbers displayed in different ways on a Tens frame.


During phonics we have begun to learn and revisit the first sounds with the help of Mr Thorne and Geraldine the Giraffe (found on Youtube). 

We have learnt the sounds (graphemes): s,a,t,p,i,n,m,d,g,o, c, k, ck, e,u,

They are beginning to learn tricky words I, to, no, go, the

They have been generating lists of words that either begin or contain these sounds. they have also practised writing some of the letter formations.


Next week we will consolidate our learning about Dinosaurs and share the story Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson.


Please don't forget to check on Tapestry.

Have a wonderful weekend and we look forward to another busy week.