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Friendly Greswold Parking Suggestions

After receiving a growing number of complaints, frustrations and genuine concerns from parents about parking around school, Greswold have put together a list of friendly parking suggestions to make our school, and the community it's within, a better and safer place.  


  • If you live within a mile radius of school, please consider healthier options such as walking, scooting or cycling to and from Greswold. 


  • Consider car sharing with other Greswold families who live close to you.


  • Park and Stride venues are available at either end of school, a safer and healthier way to enjoy journeys to and from Greswold.  These include The Hub on Hermitage Road and St Helen's Church on St Helen's Road. 


  • Consider using the Walking Bus service from Wharf Lane even if you don’t live en route.  Again, it’s a safer, more restful ‘dropping off’ and ‘picking up’ location.  Application forms are available from the main school office. 


  • If you locate and use a parking space near to school, please be prompt in returning to your vehicle.


  • Please park legally, not on double yellow lines and definitely not on the zig-zags as it’s a traffic offence!


  • Please park considerately without blocking residents' driveways or wasting any valuable parking space directly outside school. 


  • Always remember to escort your children onto the school site even if dropping them off is more convenient.  Only year 6 children are allowed to walk by themselves into and out of school.


  • Please refrain from performing 3-point turns on Buryfield Road as families will inevitably be walking on pavements directly in front or behind vehicles.


  • Adopt a reasoned and reasonable attitude towards those whose parking may be deemed inconsiderate.


  • Please speak to other road users with the same respect and values we strive to embed in the children of Greswold.


  • Respect the allocated disabled spaces.


  • If you are running late, parking further up Buryfield Road beyond Woodfield Road can be quieter, and walking from there may actually help save you time.


  • We are a large primary school with over 600 pupils on roll so parking will inevitably be challenging.  Therefore please consider leaving home earlier to help alleviate any stress on yourselves or your children. 


  • Allow plenty of time for your journey, even more when the weather is inclement


  • School staff are passionate about educating and safeguarding young people.  However educating parents and adults on driving safely and parking considerately should not be an essential part of their profession and neither is directing traffic.


  • As ever, we will continue to encourage our families and the wider school community to adopt safe and positive approaches to travelling to and from school (See Sustainable Travel on school website).  However, if you do have a complaint regarding illegal or inconsiderate parking, this really needs to be addressed with the Parking Enforcement or Highways team at Solihull MBC.


Thank you for your continued support.