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KS1 Book Club

w.b. 15th June

Paddington leaves his home in deepest, darkest Peru and comes to London. 

    Click on the link to listen to the picture book story.

Maybe you could draw a picture of Paddington with a suitcase. 

Draw some pictures in the suitcase of the things he has packed.  

Are there some clothes?  

How about a jar of marmelade?

Clara's Crazy Curls!


 Quiz No: 230221.  This book is available to read on MyON. 

My son has been learning about patterns.  We've drawn lots of curl patterns and this book reminded me of them!

Draw a face and then give it lots of beautiful, curly hair.

Summer Term Week 1:  

I really enjoyed Anita Rani's reading aloud of 'Daisy and the Trouble with Life' by Kes Gray on the BBC Bitesize programme. I just love Daisy!  She's one of my favourite ever characters!  Here are some links to some of my favourite stories by Kes Gray, I hope you enjoy them!





If you love Daisy as much as I do, you might like to try drawing her!  Click on the Daisy picture to see illustrator Nick Sharratt showing us how it is done!