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Welcome to Ladybirds class!

This week:

We have been focusing on 'Under the Sea' this was the children's suggestion following on from Pirates, and they have really enjoyed it. We shared books such as The Snail and the Whale, The Storm Whale and Can You Catch a Mermaid? But I think we have been the most excited about the BBC series Blue Planet! (If you're watching this at home with your child, you may want to just watch it through first, there are some scenes of animals being eaten that you may not want your child to see.) winkThere have been lots of awe and wonder moments, especially with the octopus hiding from the shark (ask your child if they haven't told you yet). The children have impressed us with their writing, which will be on Tapestry and they have been very creative, painting and using pastels, building submarines and other underwater crafts out of Lego and making up sea stories with the animals. Next week our theme will be growing and plants, and we are very excited about planting some things.



Children have been having daily phonics sessions. We are noticing that children's reading skills have developed well, the area they are finding more challenging is when it comes to recalling sounds that several letters make together e.g. ai, or, er etc. We are spending time doing activities that allow children to apply their phonics and this is where they are finding it tricky. We will keep planning for these sort of activities and if you are doing any phonics at home please remember to keep going over the sounds we have covered in order for your child to remember them. 



We have spent this week discussing shape and pattern. The children having been naming 3D shapes - cube, cuboid, sphere, cylinder, cone and pyramid. We have revised their names and properties such as edges which are straight or curved, faces, corners etc. We wonder if your child can tell you the very grown up (what we call posh) word for corners? They enjoyed looking at patterns too, and create sound and shape patterns as a class. There's a pattern game we played and if you would like to play with your child it's at Top Marks. And I promised the children they could all have a 100 square, which I will sort out next week, but in the meantime there's a nice 100 square game at Top Marks website too. smiley



Thank you so much for your support with the reading and sharing books with your children. They are doing so well, and reading at home makes such a difference.

We will be sending new books home this Friday again. We understand that it might be hard to read the book/books over just a weekend, so if you want to keep a book longer then please do, we will also be extending the return of the books between Monday and Wednesday, to give you those extra days. 


Don’t forget, if you need to get in touch about anything, please message us through Tapestry.