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Nursery Staff

Mrs Hanlon (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)

Mrs Rowe (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)

Mrs Corcoran (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)

Mrs Gibson (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)

Miss Daffurn (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)

Mrs Press (Thursday, Friday)


Please remember to check your child's observations on Tapestry. Tapestry is a fantastic way for you to see what your child has been doing at Nursery, we also love to see what they have been doing at home as well. So if you would like to post any photographs or videos for us to see then please do! 


What your child needs at Nursery

Please could your child bring in a named plastic bag containing spare clothes and named wellies.


What we are learning.

Lat week we had a wonderful week of fun learning and activities. We followed the interests of the children which led us to make scarecrows, trees and even be pirates for the week! We have also noticed that the children have been talking about dragons and some children have even been writing to the dragons. So look out for some dragon related learning!


We will also be focusing on:

Phonics-Aspect 2: General sound discrimination-Instrumental sounds.

Maths-recite numbers in order.

PSED-Continue to listen to others, be friendly and kind.


​​​​​Thank you for your continued support.