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What is phonics? | Oxford Owl

Watch this fun animated introduction to the key aspects of learning to read using phonics. Great for learning more about key terms such as 'phonemes', 'blending' and 'tricky words'.

Starting in Early Years, children are taught phonics; the journey of learning to read, write and spell. These vital skills, are the beginning of a lifelong literacy journey. Phonics, which can also be referred to as ‘Letters and Sounds’ is the process of children learning to read.


The process of learning to read and write begins from an early age, where children can learn and practise many skills. This can be done in a range of ways and settings, including home. Exposing children to conversation and books is essential.


The systematic phonics programme called ‘Letters and Sounds’ is divided into six phases. During the programme new skills are taught, continually building on previous learning. 


In reception we focus of phases 1 to 4.