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Rabbits photographs 2019-2020

All Stars Cricket


We had a lovely, sunny afternoon for our All Stars Cricket session with Andy. The children go to do lots of catching games before trying both batting and fielding. If you are interested in session, you can visit the All Stars Cricket website

World Book Day


Rabbits looked fantastic dressed up in their costumes for World Book Day. They had a great day reading the book 'The Dirty Five'.

Digital Art - Warm and cool colours


Rabbits have been experimenting using the fill tool to create these images with warm and cool colours. They had to decide which colours to use and try different options before finishing their picture.

Multi-Skills Competition


Rabbits took part in a multi-skills competition with the help of some children from Year  5. There were 8 different events including throwing, running and jumping. The children did really well and we will find out in a few weeks how our results compared to other  local schools.

Digital Art inspired by Mondrian

Rabbits have been making art in the computer room. These were all inspired by the Dutch painter Piet Mondrian.

D&T - Making a sleigh for Santa


Rabbits got creative with a design and technology challenge to create a sleigh for Santa to use to deliver presents. The children worked in teams using different materials to produce their masterpieces - the finished products can be seen below.

Christmas Dinner Day

Making soup


Rabbits had a busy morning making our soup. After choosing what ingredients to use, the children had to peel and chop the vegetables ready to put in. The classroom smelt fantastic all morning. 

Visit to St Alphege Church


Rabbits enjoyed a crisp, winter morning for their walk to St Alphege Church. The children enjoyed hearing the Christmas story and exploring the different parts of the church. Thanks to the team at St Alphege and the parents who came to help on the day.

Kindness Week - reading with Year 6


We finished off our activities for Kindness Week by sharing some time with Year 6. The older children shared stories with Rabbits and we were able to show the work we have been doing during the week. A lovely way to finish a Friday.

Scratch Jr


Rabbits have been learning the basics of coding using Scratch Jr. This fantastic app lets the children make things happen on the screen by linking different instructions together. The app is also free to download at home if your child would like to continue their learning. See for more information.

An Autumnal walk


Rabbits are investigating how the plants in our school grounds change through the seasons. We headed outside for a walk on a typically Autumnal afternoon and found that the trees were looking far more bare than when we looked at the start of the academic year. There were also lots of leaves now on the floor.

Rabbits visit the Birmingham Back-to-Backs


We had a lovely morning seeing what it would have been like to live in the past. Many thanks to the parents who came along to help.

Skills Builder - Teamwork activity


Greswold is part of the Skills Builder Partnership which aims to develop 8 key skills which are important for learning at school and for work later in life. This half term the focus is on the skill of teamwork. Rabbits had to work together as a group to create a shared picture of a town. By the end of the activity there were some super pictures and lots of team discussions. The children also noticed that when they had not communicated with each other, some of the team had drawn the picture a different way around so could make their teamwork better next time.

Buddy's Work Out


Last week we sent home sponsorship forms to support the work of the NSPCC. Today Rabbits competed their workout, with each child completing five different activities. The stations were jumping, step-ups, star jumps, hula hooping and throwing then catching a bean bag. Everyone pushed themselves to beat their personal best with each activity and tried hard to keep going for the full time. Well done. Any completed sponsorship forms and money can be returned to school. Thank you.

Great Fire of London drawing


Rabbits did a great job using their sketching skills to draw these houses inspired by those in London before the Great Fire of London. The children had to add detail to their houses and then add fire using suitable colours.

English - Poems based on London's Burning


Rabbits enjoyed writing their poems based on the traditional song London's Burning. They changed the words to be about the naughty dog Rusty who went on an adventure in town and caused trouble on the way. You can see some examples of poems below.

Maths - The Ten Dance


Rabbits have been learning their number bonds including the numbers that go together to make 10. We enjoyed singing 'The Ten Dance' song so we made a quick video. Click here to watch the video.

Art - Colourful patterns


This week's lesson focused on using felt tips to create colourful patterns. This time the focus was on curves and drawing free-hand. The finished patterns are very creative and you can see them below.

Maths - Counting in 2s, 5s and 10s


Rabbits have been learning how to count in 2s, 5s and 10s. The challenge was to take a selection of objects then see which the fastest was was to count them. After a few attempts, it seemed that counting in 10s was the quickest.

English - Improving sentences


We've been enjoying the stories of Julia Donaldson over the past few weeks. In English we tried to change one of her stories by adding expanded noun phrases. Rabbits worked in pairs to create their own version of the story 'Hippo Has a Hat'. Below you can read the finished version from my focus group.

Art - Using lines


In Art, Rabbits have been creating some abstract art to develop their drawing techniques. These colourful pictures were created using rulers and pencil crayon.

Spelling - Revising long /i/


In our spelling lessons we are going back through the different vowel sounds. The challenge today was to sort the different ways we can make long i including using -igh, ie or the split digraph i-e. Rabbits did a great job sorting the words out.

Maths - Comparing numbers


In Maths lessons, Rabbits have been learning to compare numbers using the symbols <, > and =. The children played a game in which they had to pick two number cards at random then write a statement using them onto their whiteboards e.g. 57 > 37. Some of the class also went on to compare 3-digit numbers as well.

Baking bread


To start our topic about the Great Fire of London, Rabbits find out more about baking bread. It is believed that it was a baker who started the fire so we looked at how bread was made in the past and how bread is made today. It certainly was a lot easier to use the bread maker than having to do everything by hand. At the end of the afternoon the classrooms smelt great and we got to taste the freshly baked bread.

A walk around the school grounds


Over the course of the coming year, we will be looking at how Greswold's grounds change with the seasons. The children will be observing the different plants and animals they can find at different times of the year and noting the changes from Autumn to Winter then through Spring into Summer. Rabbits made their first observations exploring how the grounds looked at the end of summer. We will be going for a walk in a few months time and will see what is different.

Maths  - Representing numbers


We've been learning how to represent 2-digit numbers in different ways including using Numicon, deines apparatus and place value coins. Rabbits were stars at showing how they could make a number like 74 or 43 by making it with tens and ones.

Parachute games


Rabbits had a fun afternoon playing parachute games. The children had to work as a team to play the games and follow the instructions carefully. They also enjoyed using the static electricity from the parachute to make their hair stick up.