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Rabbits Photographs 2020-21

Activity Week - Day 4


More outdoor craft with den building and creating dream catchers. We also finished off any outstanding craft, played parachute games and tried some team games. It's been a busy week so far!

Activity Week - Day 3


Lots of time outside today. We enjoyed a camp fire in the Nature Area, complete with toasted marshmallows and lots of songs. Thanks to Mr Cooper for building the fire and keeping it going. Rabbits also did a scavenger hunt and looked out for ladybirds around the grounds. We even tried a bit of cloud spotting and looked for what shapes we could see.

Activity Week - Day 2


A crafty day today. Rabbits enjoyed learning how to do whittling with Mr Cooper and made lots of natural art with Mrs Croft including sun catchers and leaf paintings. We enjoyed a picnic lunch outside and even tried a barefoot walk in the afternoon.

Activity Week - Day 1


We were a bit disappointed not to be able to go to the Mill Pool for our visit, but we still had a packed day with stop motion animation, the large gym apparatus and a trip to the Nature Area for some pond dipping.

Skills Builder Day


Rabbits had to use a range of skills in order to create a base on the Moon. They had to work as a team to plan a new community, map it out then create some buildings. You can see the finished results in the gallery below.

From caterpillars into butterflies


Our caterpillars have changed a lot over the past few weeks. After starting off tiny and crawling around, they went through metamorphosis to change into butterflies. We said goodbye to them and released them into the field so they could fly away.

Science Day


Rabbits really enjoyed testing to see which habitats woodlice preferred. After creating our own micro habitats, we introduced some woodlice and observed where they went. It turns out they are quite difficult to spot when they don't want to be found! In the afternoon we had a go at making robot bugs.

Science - Our caterpillars


We're looking to see how these caterpillars grow and change. They are eating lots and growing quickly.

Science - Investigating minibeasts


We visited Greswold's nature to look for minibeasts. Rabbits found lots of woodlice under logs and in piles of leaves. There were also worms, beetles, spiders and other little creatures living there!

Spin Art Gallery


This art needed Rabbits to select tools using their mouse skills.

Splat Art Gallery

Wonder Doodler Gallery


These animated pictures were created by tracing lines to create shapes. It involved using the mouse accurately. 



So far this year, we've only used the iPads for our Computing lessons. This week we've been using the PCs in the computer room to develop our mouse and keyboard skills.



Year 2 are enjoying cheerleading sessions with Sarah from Animated Dance. We have been learning a routine - so far without any pom poms!

D&T - Finger puppets


Rabbits had a creative time planning and making their finger puppets. Sewing was quite a difficult skills to master and then it was onto decorating the finger puppets.

All Stars Cricket coaching


As well as being a non-uniform day, Rabbits were visited by a cricket coach. They got to play a fun warm up game before trying both batting and fielding. If your child is interesting in taking part in All Stars Cricket, you can visit their website to find out more

Maths - Measuring using non-standard units


There are lots of ways you can measure how long or tall something is. Rabbits tried using cubes to see how big objects around the classroom are.

Maths - Sorting 3D shapes


We looked at ways we could use a venn diagram to sort a selection of 3D shapes. Rabbits had to think about the faces, edges and vertices.

D&T - Making chairs


To finish our unit on structures, the challenge was create a chair for a Christmas elf. There were lots of different ideas and not every plan was successful. However, we realised that when things go wrong you can learn from your mistakes.

Christmas party


Rabbits enjoyed dressing in their own clothes for party day. In the afternoon, we had a disco and tried dancing along to different songs.

RE - St Alphege Christmas video


Normally we visit St Alphege Church in December to hear the Christmas story. This year we were not able to go to the church, however the team at St Alphege had created a video to re-create the experience. Rabbits watched the video and made a bookmark. Thank you Linda and the St Alphege volunteers.

Science - Investigating waterproofing


What would be the best material to make a tent from? That was the question that Rabbits had to solve. After investigating a range of materials, the children had to make a model of a tent and cover it with the material they thought would be best. It was then time to get the tent wet and see if the material kept the inside dry. Here are some of the finished tents.

D&T - Building towers


Rabbits learnt about making structures in Design & Technology. The challenge was to build the tallest tower possible using wooden blocks. We used different types of blocks to see how we could make the most stable structure.

Children in Need


Here's Rabbits dressed up for Children in Need day.

Scratch Jr


In Computing, we've been learning how to use the program Scratch Jr to create algorithms. The Scratch Jr app is free for Android or iOS. Click here to find out more. 

English - Sequencing


After reading the story of Pumpkin Soup, Rabbits had the challenge of putting the main parts of the story into the correct order. They had to work together with a partner and think about how the events linked together.

Multi-skills competition


Rabbits tried very hard with their running, jumping and throwing as part of the inter-school PE competition. We had some super stars and everyone was great at encouraging their classmates.

Maths - Using ten frames


Rabbits learnt how to use a ten frame to add two single digit numbers together. The children had to fill up the first ten first then use the second ten frame.

Harvest art gallery


Here are the fantastic pictures that Rabbits created for our Harvest festival assembly. The class enjoyed adding googly eyes to their pictures.

Maths - Counting by making groups


In Maths, Rabbits learnt how to count objects more quickly by grouping them into 2s, 5s or 10s then counting the groups. They found it was much quicker than counting them in 1s.

Art - Great Fire of London houses


Rabbits found out about how the houses in Tudor London were made. After finding out why the fire spread so quickly, the children got to draw their own houses (complete with flames). The super results are in the gallery below.

English - Acting out Room on the Broom


As part of our work on Julia Donaldson, Rabbits had to act out the story of Room on the Broom using stick puppets. They had to take on the roles of the witch and the animal friends she meets along the way.

Science - Looking at plants around the school grounds


Rabbits headed outside to have a look at the trees and other plants we could find on the playing fields. The children tried to identify which tree was which by looking at their leaves.

History - Baking bread


The Great Fire of London started in a bakery. The careless baker had been baking bread. To get into the topic (without starting a fire), Rabbits baked a loaf. We used a rather more up-to-date method of baking and made the classroom smell great!

Maths - Place value outside


Rabbits made the most of the weather to head outside for a Maths lesson. The challenge was to represent numbers using different practical resources including bead strings and Numicon.