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Rabbits Photographs 2021-22

Travel Tracker


Below you can see the icons for the travel tracker. Look for your child's initials next to the symbol.

Making Soup


Rabbits' classroom smelt fantastic this morning! The children loved making their soup and learning how to prepare vegetables correctly. Tasting was the highlight for some of the class, though a few decided that they would change their recipe a bit if they made it again.

Cricket Coaching


We had a lovely morning for our All Stars Cricket coaching session. Rabbits got to both bat and field together with learning some different cricket skills.

Science Day


Rabbits had a great time completing a practical investigation to see if the people with the longest legs could jump the furthest. After making a prediction and planning the experiment, we then headed outside to measure our jumps. In the afternoon, the children also completed an observation of their daffodils and looked for the seasonal changes associated with spring.

Maths - Equivalent Fractions


We have been learning about how to find fractions that are equivalent to each other. Rabbits used the fraction cubes to make a selection of equivalent fractions such as showing 1/2 = 4/8.

Sharing home learning projects


I was so impressed with all of the home learning projects that Rabbits have completed at home. Thank you parents for all of your support with these. They looked fantastic and it was great to put them on show for the rest of the school to see. The children loved sharing them with each other and explaining how they created their projects.

PE - Large apparatus


In our gymnastics lesson this week, we got out some of the larger apparatus. Rabbits enjoyed trying to balance on the wall bars and also tried to develop their rolling skills.

PSD - Team work


We have been thinking about the skills we need to work together in a team. Rabbits were given the challenge of either working as a group to create a special garden or a bird. Most groups opted or the garden option and picked the materials they wanted for their creation. It was great to see lots of creativity and at the end of the afternoon we discussed how we could make our team work better.

Science - Our daffodils are growing


It was a few months ago when we planted our daffodil bulbs and we can now see them starting to spring into life. There has been a bit of nibbling on the leaves by (we hope) an animal. It will be a few more weeks before they start to flower and we look forward to seeing the blooms. 

Art - Painting the Northern Lights


We've been enjoying painting in Art. In this lesson, Rabbits used their colour mixing skills to create a background of the Northern Lights. Next week the children will be adding a polar bear into the foreground to complete their artwork.

Active Maths Morning


We had a but of sunshine for our Active Maths activities. Rabbits headed outside for a times tables themed game. The children were given a sticker with a number on, then had to find a partner. The two numbers then had to be multiplied together.

RE - Happiness


In RE, Rabbits have been thinking about things that make them happy. There were lots of things that the children thought of from meeting relatives and friends to special times of years. The children also thought about the colours they associate with happiness.

Geography - Exploring Antarctica


In our Geography lessons we have be learning about the polar regions. In this lesson the children learnt about the explorer Robert Falcon Scott and his failed mission to the South Pole. Rabbits took the role of Scott and an interviewer to ask questions, then had to choose which clothes they would wear for a polar mission.

English - The features of non-fiction texts


Rabbits are starting to look at writing reports in English. To get into non-fiction texts, we got out a selection of books about our topic of polar regions. The children then looked through looking for features like an index, contents, headings or labelled diagrams.