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Rabbits had a morning in the hall with an extra long practise of our cheerleading routine to make up for missing a session when we were at Dunfield. It's really coming together now and is looking great. We look forward to the competition.

Circus Skills

Making Soup


Rabbits' classroom smelt fantastic this morning! The children loved making their soup and learning how to prepare vegetables correctly. Tasting was the highlight for some of the class, though a few decided that they would change their recipe a bit if they made it again.

Cricket Coaching


We had a lovely morning for our All Stars Cricket coaching session. Rabbits got to both bat and field together with learning some different cricket skills.

Science Day


Rabbits had a great time completing a practical investigation to see if the people with the longest legs could jump the furthest. After making a prediction and planning the experiment, we then headed outside to measure our jumps. In the afternoon, the children also completed an observation of their daffodils and looked for the seasonal changes associated with spring.

Maths - Equivalent Fractions


We have been learning about how to find fractions that are equivalent to each other. Rabbits used the fraction cubes to make a selection of equivalent fractions such as showing 1/2 = 4/8.

Sharing home learning projects


I was so impressed with all of the home learning projects that Rabbits have completed at home. Thank you parents for all of your support with these. They looked fantastic and it was great to put them on show for the rest of the school to see. The children loved sharing them with each other and explaining how they created their projects.

PE - Large apparatus


In our gymnastics lesson this week, we got out some of the larger apparatus. Rabbits enjoyed trying to balance on the wall bars and also tried to develop their rolling skills.

PSD - Team work


We have been thinking about the skills we need to work together in a team. Rabbits were given the challenge of either working as a group to create a special garden or a bird. Most groups opted or the garden option and picked the materials they wanted for their creation. It was great to see lots of creativity and at the end of the afternoon we discussed how we could make our team work better.

Science - Our daffodils are growing


It was a few months ago when we planted our daffodil bulbs and we can now see them starting to spring into life. There has been a bit of nibbling on the leaves by (we hope) an animal. It will be a few more weeks before they start to flower and we look forward to seeing the blooms. 

Art - Painting the Northern Lights


We've been enjoying painting in Art. In this lesson, Rabbits used their colour mixing skills to create a background of the Northern Lights. Next week the children will be adding a polar bear into the foreground to complete their artwork.

Active Maths Morning


We had a but of sunshine for our Active Maths activities. Rabbits headed outside for a times tables themed game. The children were given a sticker with a number on, then had to find a partner. The two numbers then had to be multiplied together.

RE - Happiness


In RE, Rabbits have been thinking about things that make them happy. There were lots of things that the children thought of from meeting relatives and friends to special times of years. The children also thought about the colours they associate with happiness.

Geography - Exploring Antarctica


In our Geography lessons we have be learning about the polar regions. In this lesson the children learnt about the explorer Robert Falcon Scott and his failed mission to the South Pole. Rabbits took the role of Scott and an interviewer to ask questions, then had to choose which clothes they would wear for a polar mission.

English - The features of non-fiction texts


Rabbits are starting to look at writing reports in English. To get into non-fiction texts, we got out a selection of books about our topic of polar regions. The children then looked through looking for features like an index, contents, headings or labelled diagrams.

Science - Food chains


Rabbits have been learning about food chains. They all start with a producer and can include plants and animals. After putting some animals together into chains, Rabbits then made their own food chains by using paper tubes.

Art - Painting skills


Rabbits have been developing their painting skills. The children have enjoyed getting the paints and brushes out and focused on painting accurate lines. It was then onto how to mix red, yellow and blue to make other colours.

Christmas Party


With the end of term nearly here, it was time to have a bit of fun. We spent time dancing in the Hall then went back to the classroom to enjoy the party food. It was also great to see Rabbits dressed up in their party clothes.

Christmas Dinner Day


The festive hats made an appearance again for the traditional Christmas Dinner Day. The children enjoyed roast turkey or Quorn with trimmings and some Christmas music to put everyone in the mood.

D&T - Making a chair for an elf


Our Design and Technology project for this term has been to create a freestanding chair for our visiting elf. After designing what they wanted the chair should look like, Rabbits then got busy building their chairs. It was a tricky job to make sure everything stuck together and held the elf without falling over.

Scratch Jr


After 6 weeks of learning about Scratch Jr, today's challenge was to use the skills from this half term to create a festive game. Rabbits use the start on bump and hide commands to create a variety of programs using the app. The Scratch Jr app is free to download for Android and iOS if your child would like to continue learning at home.

Santa Dash


Rabbits took part in a festive dash around the playground. The hats made the children look very Christmassy - though there were a few hats being lost as they were running so fast!

Art - Lowry painting


After learning how to draw characters in Lowry's distinctive matchstick style, Rabbits also had a go at rending these in paint. It's a different media to work with and it was tricky to get the strokes just right. However, it was great to see the improvement through the lesson.

Virtual bobsleigh


We had a go at pretending to join a bobsleigh team travelling down the course at high speeds. Rabbits had to run behind the chair to get started then lean into the corners. It was not quite as quick as doing for real, but also a lot safer!



While it wasn't very deep, Rabbits still managed to have some fun playing in the snow on the playground. There were several snowmen constructed (though none were very tall).

PE - Jumping


In our PE lessons we've been looking at some balancing and jumping skills. Rabbits tried to all jump at once for a picture of everyone in the air. We didn't quite manage it but go close!

A big of yoga... and some Scratch Jr


Rabbits had a creative Friday afternoon. We completed a Cosmic Yoga story as part of Kindness Week to relax and created some super perspective artwork. After all that we even fitted in some Scratch Jr coding which involved adding sounds to our projects. All while dressed up for Children in Need!

Science - Recycling


In our Science lessons we have been finding out which materials can be used again. Rabbits had to look closely at the symbols on different packaging to see if they could be recycled.

Science - Planting bulbs


Before the weather gets too cold, we got out our green fingers to plant some bulbs. We had already made some observations about what the bulbs look like both inside and outside so it was time to bury them. We'll see what they look like in the spring when they start to bloom.

PE - Speed bounce


We are getting ready for an indoor athletics competition. In our PE lessons we will be practising the different events for the competition. Today Rabbits had a go at the speed bounce event. They had to jump over a wedge left and right without touching it. There was lots of improvement through the lesson as Rabbits improved their skills. 

One Minute's Silence


Rabbits joined in with a minute's silence as part of Greswold's remembrance assembly. The children stood silently and Mr Hornsey said a prayer to reflect on the occasion.

Music - Tuned percussion


Rabbits got out the xylophones and a couple of glockenspiels for our music lesson this week. After practising playing the different notes and putting them together to make simple chords, we then had a chance to do some composition and create a short piece of music.

An Autumnal stroll


We headed outside for bit of a walk around the school grounds. Rabbits had to look out for what the plants and animals are like in the Autumn. We found lots of leaves on the floor, ripe berries and apples. We couldn't see many animals about except a few adult birds (two crows and a gull). It was great to see all the different types of leaves we could find and look at the different shapes and colours.

Art - Firework scratch pictures


Linking into the theme of Bonfire Night, Rabbits got creative to create some colourful art using black scratch cards. After planning out their design, the children scratched off the black to reveal the colours below. The finished designs looked fantastic and you can see them in the gallery below.

Active Maths - Number chase


We've been trying to be more active in our Maths lessons and tried an activity called 'number chase'. There were 15 cards placed around the playground. Each station had a number and an addition problem to solve. The answer was the number of the station the children had to find next. It was a fun lesson and we were glad it didn't rain!

Rabbits perform the poem 'Remember, Remember the Fifth of November'

The traditional bonfire night poem which has some rather tricky words!

History - Looking at objects


Rabbits have been thinking about how we know about the Great Fire of London. We headed out to the Nature Area to complete a treasure hunt looking for pictures of artefacts. Each artefact can tell us something about the fire - how it started, how it spread, how people fought the fire or what happened after the fire. Rabbits did a great job at working out what each of the objects were and enjoyed spending time in the Nature Area.

Music - Playing with claves


After learning a range of songs, Rabbits continued their learning about rhythm using claves. These simple percussion instruments were used to play a range of beats and create patterns. We even tried to create some patterns in pairs (trying hard not to hit each other with the claves!)

Art - The Great Fire of London


Rabbits have spent two weeks creating some fantastic silhouette art based on the Great Fire of London. The first week involved creating a painted background with reds, oranges and yellows to represent the fire. The final step was to create some buildings to contrast against the fire. You can see some of the finished pieces of art and they look fantastic.

Computing - Research


Rabbits found out more about the Great Fire of London using iPads. After a discussion about only using websites which are suitable for children, Rabbits completed research to find out facts about the fire and played a game about the event.

A plate of potatoes

We've been learning about different rhythms in music. Here Rabbits clap along to the song 'A Plate of Potatoes' which has different rhythms for the words.

Book Fair


It's the time of the year when the Book Fair visits Greswold. Miss McCauslin showed Rabbits the books on offer to buy when they visited the Library. Books can be purchased via the link on the Library page of the website.

Maths - Representing numbers


In Maths we have been looking at different ways of showing a 2-digit number by using Dienes or place value counters. Rabbits did a great job of showing numbers like 46 or 75 in different ways, thinking about their place value.

Vocabulary from The Snail and the Whale


We've been reading the story of The Snail and the Whale by Julia Donaldson. Rabbits had to remember what each of the words such as shimmering and hideous meant then try to use them in a sentence.

Active Maths


We made the most of the sunshine and played a game matching numbers written in numerals and words. Rabbits had to work as a team and race to find matching pairs. We also thought about the different strategies we could use to work together.

Making Bread


We're about to start learning about our topic of the Great Fire on London. Rabbits learned about how bread is made in modern times and compared it to how it was made in the past. We even baked our own bread - fortunately without any fire!

Daily Dash


We have been trying hard with our Daily Dashes to build up our stamina. You don't have to just run - you can walk as well. Rabbits have been getting better at keeping going and encouraging each other.

English - Acting out Room on the Broom


We've been reading Julia Donaldson's stories and this week it has been the turn of Room on the Broom which features an unlucky witch and some animal friends. In English, Rabbits were challenged to act out the story using stick puppets. They did a great job of taking on the different roles and retelling the story.

PE - Gruffalo dancing


In our indoor PE lesson we had a go at dancing like some of the creatures from the story of the Gruffalo. There were different movements for the mouse, fox, owl, snake and Gruffalo. 

Visiting the Library


Rabbits enjoyed meeting Miss McCauslin in the Library and being able to choose a book to borrow. It has been quite a while since the Library has been in operation properly and it is great to see it being used again.

Maths - Representing numbers


In Maths lessons we have been revising how to represent numbers in different ways using Numicon, Diennes, place value counters, coins and bead strings. In these pictures you can see Rabbits using the resources to make numbers practically.

The end of our first week


After a busy week, Rabbits got to enjoy some Golden Time as a reward. The children got to choose from different activities including games and construction.