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School Bank

The School Bank will reopen in the new academic year


Why have a School Bank?

At Greswold, we think it is important that children understand the value of money and gain key skills about personal finance including saving. As part of this objective, we launched our School on Friday 4 October 2013. In our first year of operation, £2627.03 was deposited by pupils.

When is the School Bank open?

The School Bank is open on Friday mornings before school from 8:25 - 8:40 and runs in the Upper School Hall. Pupils wishing to make deposits should come into the bank via the main entrance by the School Office, making sure they have their account number as well as their money they wish to deposit.


Who runs the School Bank?

Pupils from Year 5 operate the bank. The pupils have to apply for the job and complete an interview before they can become part of the team. Our Year 5 banking team is always supervised by members of school staff while the bank is operating. A dedicated member of HSBC Bank's staff accounts for all of the money deposited with our School Bank.

Who can sign up to the School Bank?

Children from Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 can sign up for an account. Parents will need to complete an application form with their child and return it to the School Bank or School Office. Forms can be collected from the School Bank or School Office. Please note that an application form must be completed before deposits can be accepted.

How will my child know their balance?

Your child will receive a monthly bank statement in the post.

Where can my child withdraw money from their account?

Our School Bank can only accept deposits. Money can be withdrawn from any branch of HSBC. Click here to use the branch locator on their website.

How can I find out more details about the account offered?

The account available at our School Bank is a HSBC MyMoney account, which is designed for children aged 7 to 17. For more details about the account, including terms and conditions, click here to visit the MyMoney page of the HSBC website.