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Summer 1, Week 4, W/C 10.5.21



Guided Reading


Today, please read the below chapter from our class book. 



Read through the PowerPoint. 


Then design a poster telling people how to be safe when out in the sun. 

Think about your eyes and skin. 




Please continue writing your story - you must finish this today. 


Maths - cm and m


Watch the following video:

White Rose


Now complete the following activity. 


Please upload this to Teams.




Guided Reading


Read through the Inference slides to recap what inference is. 

Then have a go at the inference questions. You will need to use the text from Tuesday to find the answers. 



When you have finished writing your story, make sure you have fully edited it using a different colour. 


Upload your story to Teams for me to provide you with feedback. 



Watch the following video on how to convert between mm and cm. 




Then complete the following activity:



Read through the PowerPoint on the layers of the Rainforest. 

Then complete the activity sheet. 


Look at the chilli challenge to decide which challenge you are going to complete. 


Please upload this to Teams once you have completed it. 


Please upload your spelling homework to Teams today. This has been set as an assignment on Teams.



Now you have converted between m and cm on Wednesday, and cm and mm on Thursday, please attempt the reasoning sheets below. 



Please practise your spellings. 

This week, they are the statutory spellings. 


Use the spelling strategy sheet to have a go at learning them. You may also want to make flash cards, play hangman with somebody at home, or do the look, say, cover, write, check to pracitse them. 

Maths 2


Please have a go at the below number fact challenge. 


Spend no longer than 10 minutes on this.