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Wednesday 5th Jan - Friday 7th Jan 2022

Work for Wednesday 5th Jan


Guided Reading


Write a definition for each of these words and draw a picture to show your understanding of the word's meaning:










Just Read:

Read the text below on North America.



Daily Task

Go onto TTRS f and practise times tables. Please practise your times tables everyday - try to learn them all off by heart whist you are at home.  Make posters, make your own times table grid, ask a grown up of sibling to test you when they are not busy. 


L: Perimeter on a Grid

Tuesday and Wednesday this week we have been learning how to calculate the perimeter of shapes by counting squares on a grid.  Here is yesterday's fluency - I will post some reasoning and problem solving later. 

Task -

1) create a display poster for 'Perimeter'

2) Investigation - draw as many shapes as you can with a perimeter of the following measurements

a) 14 cm    b) 18cm    c) 22cm  d) a measurement of your choice!

This can be any kind of rectilinear shape (not triangles - the edges need to be straight).

Read the examples and explanations below to help you.

If you have squared paper at home, this would be easier or you could use a pencil and ruler. 

If you have multi-link at home, you could make different shapes with different perimeters. 


** Supporting documents have now been deleted. **

PSD - Dreams and Goals

Read through the Dreams and Goals explanation document. 

Watch Michael Jordan's story - 'Salt in my Shoes'.  The link is in the document.

Draw a hot balloon and write in your dream and what you need to do to get you there. 

Work for Thursday 6th January

Good morning, we hope everyone who is working from home is well, please complete any work from yesterday's tasks first. 

Have a good day - from Mrs Beddow, Mr Iles and Mr Wilson :-) 



L: to write a dialogue between 2 characters.

 Complete the 'RIC' based on this book front cover. 

Imagine a dialogue between the 3 characters and write it out, using punctuation for direct speech accurately. 


Yesterday, you worked on the fluency tasks for being able to calculate perimeter on a grid by counting squares.  

Today, please complete at as many of the reasoning / problem solving tasks from the slides below in class. 

Our maths lessons in school would normally be 1 hour. 

**Supporting documents have now been deleted. **

English - Guided Reading

L: Summarise the ideas in a paragraph.

 This learning is based on the text about North America which you were asked to read yesterday.

Task: Follow the instructions on the sheet below. 

e.g.     A short title for  1a = answer could be 'Natural Landmarks'

           A short title for 1b = answer could be 'Buildings'

A short title for the two paragraphs together could be 'Famous Places or 'Famous Landmarks'.


Geography and Art


Make a 'mini-book' or mini travel brochure for North America.

You could write each summary heading on a page of paper, draw a landmark underneath and write key facts encouraging people to visit. 


Create a presentation about North America based on the reading of this text.

You could do this in poster form or as a PPT.


Friday 7th January


In school, we will be starting our unit on Scratch Coding.  I'm not sure you will be able to access this at home so I thought you could do this instead.

Use Google Maps to have a look at different cities in North America.

You could use the map of North America on to help guide you. 

Can you find out ...?

- the 23 countries in North America and their capital cities

- the time it is over there (this comes up on google maps)

- what the weather is like (this comes up on google maps)


Library Time

We will be choosing books in the library this morning, so please find some time to read a book at home for 30 minutes.



L: Perimeter of a Rectangle

Complete the tasks below:

**Supporting documents have now been deleted. **


L: Describe different sources of electricity. 

Watch Mr WIlson's video from last year and complete the task below. Click here to view video. 

**Supporting documents have now been deleted. **