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Week 1

Overview of the Week

The document below has the plan for the week for Year 2. Each day we suggest a mixture of lessons. They do not have to be completed with English first every day then Maths - you can mix up the activities. Lessons do need to be completed in order as Tuesday's lessons are designed to build on Mondays and so on.


We have tried to use a mixture of different online resources. Some you might need to log on to. Where this is the case, the requirements are given. All of the hyperlinks worked when the document was published here.


Update: In response to feedback, some activities which are printable have been added below. These can be used as alternatives to the computer-based activities.

Phonics and Spellings


This week we are focusing on contractions. Below there is also a document which gives strategies your child can use to help learn their spellings.



Resources to support this week's English learning tasks can be found below.

Fee Fi Fo Fum.mp3

An audio version of the story.


Resources to support this week's learning can be found below.

Additional activities for this week


There are no additional resources required this week for these activities. Below are a couple of artistic activities based on Fee Fi Fo Fum your child might enjoy. For the colouring sheets, these will need to be printed.