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Week 2

Overview of the Week


Please see the document below for details about this week's learning activities. We have tried to include a mixture of online activities and activities that can be printed. The worksheets can be read onscreen rather than printed but the option is there. Don't worry if you can't get everything done. For some days there are different options and please do what you can.


This week the focus in English is on the traditional African tale Why Anansi Has Eight Thin Legs. In Maths we are focusing on measuring mass and there are lots of opportunities for practical weighing. In the afternoons we have suggested activities to do with puppets. This project will take 2 weeks. This week your child will find out about puppets and make a shadow puppet. Again, there are options given. Next week we will be setting the challenge to make a puppet of any type. There are lots of simple options that can be made out of resources including paper or even a sock.

Phonics and Spellings
This week the focus is on suffixes. These are added to the end of words to change the root word. The rule is that if a root word has one syllable and ends in a vowel then a consonant, double the consonant before adding the suffix. For example swim - swimmer.


Resources to support this week's English learning tasks can be found below.



Resources to support this week's learning can be found below.

Additional activities for this week


Additional resources are available below.

Monday - Finding out about puppets
Tuesday - Famous puppeteer Jim Henson
Below are some guides to drawing different Muppets. You might like to try drawing these.
Wednesday - Shadow puppets
Below are some ideas for shadow puppets. You don't need to print these - you can draw your own shadow puppets.

Thursday - Putting on a shadow puppet show

Friday - Mindfulness

Below is a link to a video to watch. There are also some mindfulness colouring pictures if you would like to use these.