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Week 3

Overview of the week


Please see the document below for details about this week's learning activities. We have tried to include a mixture of online activities and activities that can be printed. The worksheets can be read onscreen rather than printed but the option is there. Don't worry if you can't get everything done. For some days there are different options for you to choose.


This week the focus in English is on African animals. This is a topic children often enjoy learning about. In Maths we are focusing on revising number bond skills. Spelling is a mixture of suffixes. In the afternoons the puppet project continues. We have suggested some easy way to make a puppet. We do not expect anyone to be buying special resources for this project.

Phonics and Spellings


Resources to support this week's learning can be found below.

Core spelling group - suffixes
Mrs Mayse and Mrs Bevan's Group
Miss Pearson's group


Resources to support this week's English learning tasks can be found below. You can find out more about these animals by using the online books below. Be aware that the lion book does show an lion catching its dinner and the pronunciation is American. 

Lions are Awesome!     Zebras are Awesome!     Elephants are Awesome!     Giraffes are Awesome!



Resources to support this week's learning can be found below.

Additional activities for this week


Additional resources are available below.