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Week 4

Overview of the week


Please see the document below for details about this week's learning activities. We have tried to include a mixture of online activities and activities that can be printed. The worksheets can be read onscreen rather than printed. Please don't worry if you can't get everything done and don't buy any resources especially for an activity.

Phonics and Spellings


Resources to support this week's learning can be found below.

Core spelling group - suffixes
Mrs Mayse and Mrs Bevan's group

Miss Pearson's group


Please note that the spelling resources below are the same as last week. If you've printed them already, there is no need to print them again.



Resources to support this week's English learning tasks can be found below.



Resources to support this week's learning can be found below.



Resources for PE are available below.

Additional activities for this week


Additional resources are available below.

Make your own board game


You can make your own board game using the templates below or you could draw your own board. The board game could be about Easter, about Africa or anything else you would like to make a game about.

African activities - patterns


Below you can learn about African patterns and then have a go at either colouring a pattern or design your own.

Africa activities - learning Swahili


Swahili is a language spoken in some countries in Africa including Kenya and Tanzania. You can learn a few words of Swahili by using the sheet or videos below. Try to introduce yourself in Swahili.

Easter activities


Below are some different Easter activities you can choose from.

Easter recipes


These are some recipes you might like to make. We appreciate it is more difficult to get ingredients at the moment and cooking might not be practical. So please regard these as only suggestions - there is no pressure to cook. Your child could help an adult to prepare lunch or dinner.