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Week 5 - 31.1.22


Guided reading


We have PE this afternoon, make sure you spend time doing extra exercise! :) 


Guided reading


Guided reading


L: How to organise and structure data so that it can be easily retrieved

Discuss how difficult it can be to find a file (use this term rather than document as it encompasses images, videos etc.) on a network drive or in a documents library that is full of loose files named for example doc 1.

Explain how a structure of folders is a better way to organise files into categories (like the books in a library). Suitable categories at school for pupils to organise files might be by subject or topic e.g. Geography or Ancient Egypt

Show pupils a variety of ways to create folders (right click > new folder, choosing ‘New folder’ on the Documents library command bar, Ctrl Shift and N etc.)


Tasks can be done on an email if you do not have word. 

Task 1:

Children create a folder within their I drive then create organised sub-folders. 

Task 2: 

They compose a short word document, excel document and powerpoint document to save into the relevant folder. 

Task 3 

They copy an image (jpeg or similar) and paste it in the relevant folder.


Make sure you take part in extra exercise. 



We will be doing a multiplication and division assessment in school. 

Please log onto Times Tables Rockstars and Mathletics and practice your multiplication and division skills. 



Practice your sketching techniques on a scrap piece of paper. 


Once you have done so, think of something creative to draw and use different sketching techniques (and resources if you have them) to make your creation look beautiful.