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Year 2 - Dunfield House

Aims of the Visit


  • To develop the children's independence and social skills
  • To foster curiosity and excitement about topics covered in class.

  • To learn outdoors.


About Dunfield House

Dunfield House is located in beautiful Welsh border country. The house is set in its own magical grounds with plenty of outdoor space to explore and enjoy. There is an adventure playground on site and a stream for the children to paddle in (while closely supervised). 


On this residential visit we have a minimum ratio of one adult to every six children. Our staff lead all of the activities during the visit and are, of course, always on hand for pastoral care. 


The children sleep in separate dorm rooms for boys and girls. Most rooms have bunk beds and toilet facilities are either ensuite or next to the rooms  Greswold staff sleep in rooms near to the children so are are available if there are any problems during the night.


The children eat their meals together as a group. In the morning they have the choice of a cooked breakfast or cereal. For lunch, there is a choice of sandwiches and a hot meal is available in the evenings. Arrangements can be made for vegetarians or children with other specific dietary requirements.


There is a creative focus to the children's time at Dunfield, with the theme of minibeasts running through the activities. We keep the children really busy and pack loads into the three days. We also make the most of the glorious outdoor area and surrounding countryside.

Evening Walk

On the first evening we take the children on a stroll in the countryside surrounding Dunfield House. The children sometimes get to meet some sheep on the way.
Stream Exploration

The children enjoy paddling in the shallow stream and making rafts, out of natural materials, to race in the water. 
Making Minibeasts

The children get to design and make their own minibeast out of fabric and other materials. 

Minibeast Hunt


The children get to search for worms, woodlice and other minibeasts by investigating the grounds. All of the creatures are released unharmed after the children have studied them.

Minibeast music and dance

Continuing the theme of the visit, the children get to learn minibeast songs and play along with instruments. 
Adventure Playground

The children love playing on the adventure playground. The views from the playground are also spectacular.
Camp Fire

The camp fire is a real highlight of the visit. There are plenty of action songs to get all of the children involved.
Other Activities

There's loads packed the time at Dunfield House. Other activities include playing games, sketching, writing minibeast poems to be hung in a 'poet-tree' and swimming. There is also time to relax and enjoy some free time in the outdoor spaces. Some children play football, while others skip or chat.