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Below is the home learning that has been submitted via the upload link. If your child has something they would like to share for their friends to read, please upload it via the link on the Year 2 page.



Videos can be watched on the Year 2 Home Learning playlist on the Video Resource Centre.

Photographs - Summer Term 2 - Week 6
Charlie found these snails in his garden.
A super poem, Charlie. I like the way it rhymes.
You have worked hard to make these origami boats, Ahon.
A fantastic poem, Ahon. You've put some great rhymes in.
I've enjoyed reading your retelling of the story.
This sounds like an interesting minibeast superhero, Ansh.
A great poem. I like the way you have used expanded noun phrases.
Some interesting work.
Making fires sounds like an interesting super power.
That's a huge game!
I can see you have put lots of effort into this recycling poster. Well done.
You have put lots of detail in your poster, Jessica.
I like your use of expanded noun phrases in your poem, Roma.
There's lots of detail in your recycling, Sathvika.
Photographs - Summer Term 2 - Week 5
A super poem, Eva. Good expanded noun phrases.
A great butterfly poem.
Great to see you being creative.
That sounds like a scary spider.
A marvellous minibeast superhero!
It's amazing to think these grew from a tiny seed.
You've labelled all of the parts of the flower.
An amazing recount of Superworm.
Photographs - Summer Term 2 - Week 4
I like the detail about picking up a whale.
Some great expanded noun phrases.
A super retelling of the story, Ahon.
Very creative artwork.
I'm glad you're enjoying doing your work at home.
Good to see you joining in with the rainbow games.
You've understood how to do sharing and grouping.
I recognise that superhero.
I'm very impressed with this habitat, Max.
Some thoughtful work, Noah.
You've spelt these words with the er sound
A very creative habitat. I like the waterfall.
Good to see who you are grateful for.
You sorted the animals correctly, Sree.
Some great expanded noun phrases.
You have used the words ending in y in sentences.
Photographs - Summer Term 2 - Week 3
I know Spiderman but I've not heard of Lucas.
You have put lots of effort into this report, Ahon
A super life cycle. Very colourful.
I'm sure your Nana enjoyed reading this letter.
I can see you found lots of woodlice.
You have been busy sorting these words.
I think bees would like this flower.
You've made lots of compound words
You found lots of facts about minibeasts, Marib.
Some very creative minibeast craft.
You have put lots of facts in your report.
I love all the smiley faces in your painting.
A super picture of a ladybird.
I can see you have worked hard on this report.
You have put in lots of facts, Sophie.
Good use of a Venn diagram to sort minibeasts.
You've sorted these soft c words correctly.
A clever way to make a symmetrical butterfly.
A good Carroll diagram
I can see you have made a tally chart well.
You've understood how to create a bar graph, Sree.
Photographs - Summer Term 2 - Week 2
A super block graph, Anusha
Very creative.
Great to see you using punctuation accurately Ezra
You have presented your graph neatly.
I'm sure the minibeasts will love their new home.
You found out what Bob was up to on the Moon.
I'm sure your family loved these.
Super minibeast facts.
Photographs - Summer Term 2 - Week 1
Some great notes about minibeasts from Ahon.
A super advert.
It's great to see what you can make from nature.
Good to see spelling strategies being used.
Some fantastic natural art. Well done.
Minibeast hunting is always fun in the sunshine.
Super comprehension work.
A magical potion to make you fly
Wow! That's a brilliant minibeast house.
A very creative tally chart.
Very neat handwriting, Sree.
Thank you very much.
Photographs - Summer Term 1 - Weeks 5 and 6
Darcey helped to knit this brilliant rabbit.
A great picture of your family, Anusha.
I'm sure your grandparents loved this letter.
Great to see what Bob got up to on the Moon.
Some super maths, Ciara.
Interesting use of conkers and pencils in maths.
A great bit of natural art.
Photographs - Summer Term 1 - Weeks 3 and 4

Photographs - Summer Term 1 - Weeks 1 and 2

Photographs - Spring Term