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Year 2 - w.b. 15.3.21

Monday 15.3.21


Phonics - Words ending il


So far we have looked at the /l/ sound at the end of words being made by -le, -el and -al. There are not as many words that end in -il. Watch this video then write down the words using a colour for the -il at the end.

Guided Reading - Vocabulary


Have a look at the words in the presentation below. They are from the story Gorilla. Can you match the words to their definitions by playing the memory game?

English -  The Ugly Five


This week we are going to be reading The Ugly Five by Julia Donaldson. 


Look at the PowerPoint below. There is a link to a YouTube video of the story being read, or you can read it yourself. When you have finished, look at the words that describe each of the animals. 


Can you sort the vocabulary or label one of the animals? You could draw one of the animals and label them instead.

Maths - Counting edges and vertices on 3D shapes

Watch the two videos below to practise counting edges and vertices on 3D shapes:

Edges on 3D shapes

Vertices on 3D shapes

Then complete the worksheet below:

Science - How humans grow and change

Read through the lesson presentation to learn about the 6 different stages of human development.

Then either print and complete the matching activity below or draw/write your own pictures/sentences for each stage.