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Year 2 - w.b. 19.7.21

Monday 19.7.21


Teams Live sessions


11.00 am:

Maths support session (we will be practising some directions and turns by directing a toy through a maze)


2.30 pm

Catch up session for all of Badgers class. We will be reflecting on our time in Year 2 and discussing transition to Year 3.



Please read with your child for 15-20 minutes each day by choosing a free ebook from the correct book band using the Oxford Owl website here.

English - Describe your dream holiday


Sadly many of us have had holiday plans cancelled or postponed in the last couple of years so today we are going to use our imaginations. Use the booklet below to help you plan/describe your dream holiday.


Maths - Describing movement


Today you are going to describe movement using the words forwards, backwards, up, down, left and right, clockwise and anti-clockwise. 


Click here to watch the White Rose video lesson.


Use this interactive game to practise directing a pirate around a maze using the arrow keys.


Have a go at drawing your own treasure map on a piece of plain paper. Now direct a small toy around the map using directional vocabulary. 

You may also want to have a go at the Pirate treasure map activity below:

PSD - Reflection on Year 2


Reflect on your time in Year 2. What have you enjoyed the most? What are you proud of? Complete the activity below and make your own Year 2 flip book. The photo shows what a finished one should look like!


All the Year 2 staff are very proud of the resilience you have all shown in what has been a challenging year!



Try some of these Disney 10 minute shake up games


Have a go at fitness bingo with your family (see resources below)