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Year 2 - w.b. 8.3.21

Monday 8.3.21


Look through the lesson presentation below.


You can watch someone reading the story here on YouTube.


Then have a go at acting out the story of 'Fee Fi Fo Fum' using the stick puppets.

Maths - Sorting 2D shapes

Click here to watch the White Rose video lesson

Then complete the sorting activity below:

PSD - 'Healthy Me'

Make a poster to show the 6 things we need to do to keep healthy:

-balanced diet


-drinking water

-getting enough sleep

-time to relax

-keeping good hygiene

Tuesday 9.3.21

Phonics - el endings


Click here to watch the video lesson.


Now try the wordsearch below.

Guided Reading


This lesson is about making predictions and looking at the vocabulary. Read through the presentation below and then try to use the vocabulary correctly in the sentences.

English - Discussing events / apostrophes for contractions again


Use the presentation below to re-read the story of Fee! Fi! Fo! Fum and answer the questions. Go back through the rules for where apostrophes are needed for contractions then complete the sheet below onto a piece of paper.


There is also a matching game you can use if you have a printer.

Maths - Making patterns with 2D shapes

Click here to watch the White Rose video lesson.

Then complete the activity sheet below:

Science - Savannah food chains


Find out about food chains in the Savannah by looking at the lesson presentation below. 


There is an interactive activity to complete on the last slide.


When you finish, draw your own food chain that can be found in the Savannah.

Wednesday 10.3.21

Phonics - Words ending -el


Look at the presentation below to continue learning about words ending with -el. When you have read the words, try to complete the worksheet.

Guided Reading


Today's lesson is about reading the story of Little Red and the Very Hungry Lion. You can read the book yourself below or listen to it being read using this YouTube video.

English - Apostrophes for possession


The lesson presentation below goes though how to use apostrophes to show possession. You could also use the video on this BBC Bitesize page to go through how to use apostrophes. Once you are happy with using possessive apostrophes, you can try to complete the worksheet below.

Maths - Identifying 3D shapes

Use the lesson presentation to learn the names of some common 3D shapes.

Then go on a shape hunt around your house/garden to find examples of different 3D shapes.

Geography - Finding out more about Kenya


Look at the lesson presentation below to find out more about what you can see and do if you visit Kenya. 


Create your own poster to advertise Kenya. There is a blank poster below or you can create your own poster.

Thursday 11.3.21


Phonics - Words ending in al


Not as many words end with the /l/ sound made by -al. Watch this video lesson to find out about them.

Guided Reading - Comparing two stories


You have now read Little Red Riding Hood and Little Red and the Very Hungry Lion. Look at the presentation below to compare the two stories. Can you think about what things are the same and what things about the stories are different?

English - Retelling the story of Fee! Fi! Fo! Fum!


Today you are going to write the story of Fee! Fi! Fo! Fum! in your own words. Look at the presentation below and try to retell the story by saying it in words first. There are some helper sheets you can use to start your sentences.


Note - you might like to split this over two days and write half of the story each day.

Maths - Making 3D shapes

Use this BBC Bitesize webpage to recap 3D shapes

Have a go at making some 3D shapes using the nets below or you could use straws/matchsticks and plasticine.



Login to the Real PE at home website and complete some of the Fairytale theme activities/games. You should have received your class' log in via an app message a few weeks ago.

Friday 12.3.21


Phonics - words ending in -al


Read through the lesson presentation, then complete the activity sheet below:


Guided Reading - Comprehension

Read the story of 'Little Red and the Very Hungry Lion' again (see Wednesday's lesson) then have a go at the questions below:

English - Retelling the story of Fee! Fi! Fo! Fum!


Make sure you finish your retelling of 'Fee! Fi! Fo! Fum!'.

See yesterday for resources to help you.


Maths - Count the faces on 3D shapes

Click here to watch the White Rose video lesson

The complete the worksheet below:

Art - Patterns


This lesson continues the work on pattern from two weeks ago. Look at the examples in the presentation or below. Try drawing some of the different patterns then have a go at creating your own art including patterns.