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Year 3 - Week 2 - 11th January 2021

Weekly Timetable




Please continue to use the MyOn EBook library for reading at home. 


Your child's MyOn Login details are now ready and are the same as their Accelerated Reader login details.  


Why not try this week's recommended books (click on the image): 







Monday 11.1.21


Tuesday 12.1.21


Wednesday 13.1.21


Guided Reading

Further Reading on the Weather.

You might like to log on to MyOn and read these 2 books to support your learning with comparing the weather in different places.


Quiz No = 230506             Quiz No = 230509

Thursday 14.1.21


If you're finding this a bit tricky, use this to help you.



Click here to watch today's Maths lesson on White Rose. 

Scroll down to 'Summer Term Week 10' and then watch Lesson 4. 

Further Reading for Science

Log onto MyOn and read or listen to this book.  


When you have finished log on to Accelerated Reader and take the quiz.   The quiz number is 230943.


Click here for links to useful websites for your animal diet research.

Library Story-Time

Libby the Library Bear has a new message for all the children!  Click here to listen to this week's story-time at a time to suit you.  There are two stories this week, so you may choose to listen to one today, and one tomorrow.


Quiz No =  236307        Quiz No = 227801

There are quizzes on both of these books. 

If you would like to take a quiz on Accelerated Reader, the quiz numbers are shown underneath the books.

Friday 15.1.21