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Year 3 - Week 3 - 18th January 2021

Hello Year Three,


We hope that you had a successful week of remote learning and a relaxing weekend. We've got lots of lovely activities planned for you this week which we hope you will enjoy. If you are finding things a bit tricky you can join the English and Maths drop in sessions (which have been sent to your school emails) and we look forward to seeing you in your classes for a Friday catch up. 


Take care and stay safe.


From Mrs Woodcock, Mrs Low, Mr Hobday and Miss Ceillam

Weekly Timetable




Please continue to use the MyOn EBook library for reading at home. 


Your child's MyOn Login details are now ready and are the same as their Accelerated Reader login details.  


Please quiz on these books once you have read them by clicking on the Orange 'AR Quiz' at the end of the book. 


Why not try this week's recommended books (click on the image): 





If you fancy a challenge, try this book:


Monday 18.1.21


Guided Reading 

Please look at this week's timetable for today's activity outline. 



Look at this week's Timetable for today's activities. 



Look at this week's timetable for today's activity. 

Library Story-Time for Winnie the Pooh Day.

Click on the picture to listen to story-time with Winnie the Pooh and his friends.

Tuesday 19.1.21


Guided Reading



Look at today's timetable for today's activities. 

Wednesday 20.1.21


Guided Reading
Thursday 21.1.21


Guided reading

Don't forget to send a photograph of your poster to us!


Library Story-Time

Libby the Library Bear has dressed up as a character from one of the stories today!  Click on the book picture to listen to this week's story-time at a time to suit you.  There are two stories this week, so you may choose to listen to one today, and one tomorrow.  If you would like to quiz on the stories, the quiz number you need is below the book.  


Yellow & Green                   Yellow

Quiz Number =                   Quiz Number = 

234135                              218351

Friday 22.1.21




Click here to access Times Table Rockstars


You will need to select the correct school, and then login using your username and password sent in the app. 



Look at this week's timetable for today's activities.