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Year 3 - Week 4 - 25th January 2021

Hello Robins, Sparrows and Wrens,


We hope that you've had a lovely weekend after another successful week of remote learning. We also hope that you found the English and Maths drop in sessions useful and that the videos are helping you with your learning. Remember that you can pause and replay them as many times as you need to help you to understand the tasks. 


This weekend (29th- 31st January) is a special time as the nation will be joining together for the Big Garden Birdwatch and we'd like to invite you to join in too (if you'd like to). Details about the event can be found using the link below. You never know - you might see a robin, a sparrow or a wren. Above are some pictures of some garden birds and we wonder if you can name any of them (answers will be posted next week). If you follow the link there is also a quiz to find out what type of bird you are... will any of you match your class bird?!


Good luck with next week's learning and we look forward to seeing you in the class Friday catch ups or during the drop ins. 


Take care and stay safe.


From the Year Three Team


Weekly Timetable




The 1st Reading Challenge of 2021 is now ready!


It's fun and easy to take part.  Please visit the Library Zone section of the school website to complete the challenge.

We look forward to finding out what your favourite things to read are!



Please continue to use the MyOn EBook library for reading at home. 


Your child's MyOn Login details are now ready and are the same as their Accelerated Reader login details.  


Please quiz on these books once you have read them by clicking on the Orange 'AR Quiz' at the end of the book. 


Why not try this week's recommended books (click on the image): 

Orange                                                 Yellow                                                  Yellow/Green


Monday 25.1.21


Guided Reading

Task 2


Click on the link to see today's PE activities.

You will see the vast variety of exercises and activities to help keep you moving.

Complete 2 of these activities today.

Tuesday 26.1.21


Guided Reading


Task 2

Click here to access Accelerated Reader

Quiz number 201701


Click on the link to access today's PE lesson.

You should recognise that it is the same one as yesterday. 

Choose two activities that are different from yesterday. 

Wednesday 27.1.21



Click on the link to access today's PE.

Choose two activities that are different from yesterday. 

Thursday 28.1.21


Guided Reading

Optional, additional Science activity


This weekend the RSPB are hosting a national 'Big Garden Birdwatch' event. 


Click on this link to see how you can get involved. 


Click on the link to access today's PE. 

Choose two activities that are different from yesterday. 

Library Story-Time

Libby the Library Bear has joined in with the Reading Challenge today and has been getting ready for the Big Garden Birdwatch too.  We hope you enjoy the stories.  Please listen when best suits your family. 


                             Quiz Number = 223314



Friday 29.1.21



This PE session should be longer than the PE you have completed for the rest of the week.

Please click the links below to access the instructions. 

Task 1 - Volleyball You can use a balloon, a ball, or anything else spherical.

Task 2 – Hit it to win it

Task 3 – Kerby

Task 4 – Plane in flight