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Year 4 2021 - commencing Wednesday 22nd September

Wednesday 22nd September 2021


There is work set on Mathletics for today.

Please also practice on Timestable Rockstars for up to 20 minutes, including completing a soundcheck.



Listen to Cressida Cowell read Chapter 1 of 'How to Train your Dragon' here.

Make a character poster for the characters of Hiccup and Gobber.  

Draw them in the middle of a piece of paper.  Write adjectives around them to describe what the qualities of their character are.  Pause the video and write down evidence from the text to support why you think they have this kind of character. 



L: to understand how the Anglo-Saxons influenced place names in Britain.

You will need to look at a map of the UK.  Either use the one here or you could choose to use google maps. 

Thursday 23rd September 2021


L: to be able to count forward and backwards in 1,000s.

Please watch the lesson video here.

Please ignore it when it says 'please complete the questions on the worksheet'.  Instead, please complete the fluency and reasoning tasks below. 

Complete all of the fluency tasks.  Choose at least 4 tasks from the Reasoning and Problem Solving sheet. 


L: to use preposition starters to begin a sentence which describes a place


Watch the video for the Oak Academy lesson on 'What is Sound?'

Friday 24th September 2021


L: to understand place value in 1000s, 100s, 10s and 1s.

You may wish to watch this video for support with this learning.  Again, ignore it when it says 'now complete the worksheet questions on the video', instead please complete the tasks below. 



Listen to Cressida Cowell read Chapter 2 of 'How to Train your Dragon'.

Chapter 2, Part 1 is here.

Chapter 2, Part 2 is here. 


Listen out in particular for the descriptions of:

1) the beach  2) the cliff   3) the mouth of the cave   4) the tunnel   5) the cavern


Learning: to collect ideas for a setting description (A setting = a description of a place).

Your finished piece of work might look like this:


Art - L: copy and observe patterns in drawing