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Year 4 - Summer 2 Week 1 w.c. Mon 1st June

                                                     Overview of the week                                                       

Please see the document below for details about this week's learning activities.


Resources to support this week's English learning tasks can be found below.

Listen to the story and think about the questions.  

An introduction and Chapters 1-8 can be found in the Year 4 section of the Video Resource Centre.  

What book are you reading at home at the moment?                               
Give this one a try too - It's really quite funny!!  

When you've finished, let us know what you think!  Complete the quiz or write a book review. 

Try to read for 20 mins a day.  A very big well done to all those of you quizzing on Accelerated Reader. 

We love to look at what you are reading. 


This is what we are reading:

Mrs Mills - Bedtime Stories.  'Tiddler' by Julia Donaldson is a current favourite.

Mr Wilson - News updates.

Mrs Beddow - 'The Highland Falcon Thief'  by MG Leonard and Sam Sedgman

Mrs Woodcock - 'The Skylarks' War' by Hilary McKay


Resources to support this week's learning can be found below.

                                               Additional activites for this week                                             

Additional resources are available below.

History Resources