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Year 4 - w.b Monday 10th January 2022

Tuesday 11th January



Watch the White Rose video with the learning objective of 'The Perimeter of Rectilinear Shapes.'

When the video says to pause the video and complete the questions on the sheet, please ignore that.  Complete the tasks below instead.  Draw some shapes of your own to investigate perimeter.

**Supporting documents have now been deleted. **


L: to make choices in role as a character

This week we have started reading Charlie Small. 

Read the opening pages and decide what he might pack in his bag based on the adventure he says he will be having. 

Geography and Art

L: identify the 7 continents of the world in order to locate North America.

Draw or print the map below. 

Shade in the different continents in different colours.  Circle North America. 


Geography / Art Challenge


Make a 'mini-book' or mini travel brochure for North America.

You could write each summary heading on a page of paper, draw a landmark underneath and write key facts encouraging people to visit. 


Create a presentation about North America based on the reading of this text.

You could do this in poster form or as a PPT.

Wednesday 12th January


L: Multiplying by 10 and multiplying by 100

Watch the White Rose videos, which explain the learning:

Multiply by 10

Multiply by 100

Ignore the parts where it says 'pause and answer the questions' - watch both videos and then complete the activities on the uploaded documents below. 

**Supporting documents have now been deleted. **


L: Read or perform poems aloud and explain why you prefer some more than others.

Speaking and Listening Task. 

Mild - read poems aloud 

Hot - read poems aloud and add actions

Flamin' Hot - read poems aloud and pick out examples of figurative language, using 'Figurative Language' vocabulary sheet to help you. 


Thursday 13th January

English - Guided Reading

Read the poems about the star and answer the questions.


Practise all of your times tables by working through the activities on this website.

There are 6 tasks to complete for each times table: 1a, 1b, 2, 3, 4, 5


L: examining feelings by looking at portraits from North America.

Friday 14th January


Watch the Oak Academy Science lesson.

The learning is 'To know what an appliance is and the different ways they can be powered.'



Watch the White Rose videos on how to divide by 10 and how to divide by 100.

Complete the worksheets. 

**Supporting documents have now been deleted. **


In school, we will be starting our unit on Scratch Coding.  I'm not sure you will be able to access this at home so I thought you could do this instead.

Use Google Maps to have a look at different cities in North America.

You could use the map of North America on to help guide you. 

Can you find out ...?

- the 23 countries in North America and their capital cities

- the time it is over there (this comes up on google maps)

- what the weather is like (this comes up on google maps)