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Year 4 - week beginning 11 January





Today in Maths you are going to complete the reasoning, after learning how to multiply by 100. Click here to watch the PowerPoint. You can go back and watch our last video if you want a recap, or I have also put a few links below to other videos. The tasks are set into our three challenges.



Today's lesson takes us back to our adventure with Charlie Small and this week you are going to focus on writing a diary entry. Click here to watch the presentation and don't forget to come back after your lesson, to the video, and listen to the next part of the story!

Guided Reading

Click here to begin your week's learning in Guided Reading


Today's lesson follows on from last week's lesson which investigated the continents of the world.  If you weren't able to complete that lesson you may want to look at the resources in last week's folder.

Today's lesson focuses on you completing some map work.  You will need to identify the UK, North America and the ocean that separates them then you will be asked to use some maps to find and record some places that are located in North America.

Click here to view the video for this week's Geography lesson.

Class reading book - Monday

Today is the first time we hear about the class reading book that we will be studying over a number of lessons.  It is Why The Whales Came by Michael Morpurgo.  During today's lesson we will not actually be opening the book.  We will be looking at the front and back cover, thinking about the plot, but more importantly, focusing on the setting.  There is also a short video about the setting which will be very useful to watch before we read the book itself.


The video you will need to watch for this lesson can be found here.

Find out more about Michael Morpurgo here.

The video about William Whiskerson on his magical journey to the Isles of Scilly can be found here.




In Maths today you are going to be dividing by 10. Click here to view the learning from Mrs Mills. Your worksheets are below an split into three tasks. There will also be activities for you to do on the PowerPoint so make sure you have a pencil/ pen and paper handy, and pause the video at relevant points.


In English you are going to do some grammar, based on fronted adverbials and commas. This will help support us in writing our diary entries. Click here to view the PowerPoint. You then have a choice of task to complete.


Here are some other links if you want to watch some different videos to cement your learning

BBC Bitesize

Oak National Academy Lesson:


Guided Reading

Today we are going to be reading the text that you are going to be analysing, called Introduction to North America.

Click here to view the slide for today and listen to me read the text. You can also look at the text, the pdf of the book is below.



Class reading book - Tuesday AND Wednesday

Below there is a link for today's class reading session.  Please note that as we are just beginning this book there is an introduction as well as the reading of the first chapter.  This means this video will be used for Tuesday and Wednesday's reading lessons.  You therefore have a choice.  You can decide at which point you would like to stop the video to then pick up again tomorrow.  A good idea for this would be just before chapter one is read.  Alternatively, if you can't wait to hear chapter one, you could watch the whole video, ready for Thursday's instalment !  Here is the link to the video.


Today in RE you are going to be looking at portraits and drawing someone from your family that you love and admire. You are then going to have a think about what would happen if you were to draw someone you didn't know very well, or didn't like. 


Today in French you are going to look at giving classroom instructions in French. There is a PowerPoint with audio, which you can view by clicking here, and then a worksheet to test your learning. 

Make sure you take time to sound out the French, this is really beneficial when learning the language.




Today we are going to use the White Rose Maths Hub to help us divide by 100. You can access the video here. You might need to scroll down a little, then you can make the video full screen. It is called Divide by 100. Watch the video and then have a go at one of the tasks below. There are a couple more links below if you'd like to watch a different video.

Remember when we divide by 10, we move our numbers one space to the right on a place value grid to make them 10 times smaller. When we divide by 100, we move our numbers two columns to the right.



Today you are going to write your diary entry as Charlie Small, waking up on the plains of Africa. Below is a help sheet explaining the task, a word mat with some ideas of fronted adverbials and an example to give you some ideas to get you started. Enjoy writing without the constrictions of editing etc, it's important you enjoy the writing process and your imagination. 

Guided Reading

Looking at the skill of summary and our text, Introduction to North America. Click here for the video


Today we are going to start our new Jigsaw unit of Dreams and Goals.  The document doesn't have a recording over it so you can read through it and complete the tasks at your pace. 


To support children stay active in lockdown Chance to Shine will be streaming delivering their first live streamed session for children to join in with. This will be on Wednesday 13th January from 2 - 2:45pm. The first session will be a 'Cricket Taster' with three different activities to take part in and it'll be led by the Chance to Shine coaches. 

You will need 

  • Something to strike with (for example, a bat, a frying pan or a hardback book)
  • A ball or a rolled up pair of socks
  • A target (for example, a set of cricket stumps, a rubbish bin, or three empty water bottles


We hope you enjoy the session smiley

Class reading book - Wednesday

Please refer to the note above shown under the heading for Tuesday's lessons.



Today you are going to be looking at multiplying by 1 and 0. Click here for the video. Your work is below in our three challenges. 


Today you are going to edit your writing. Click here to watch the video. It might be useful to have some different coloured pens or pencils with you to help you edit. 

Guided Reading

Today you are going to complete your independent work, using the skill of summarising. I have uploaded the task below, the text and the mild support sheet, along with the answers for you to check your work when you've finished. 


Today we recap some of the learning from last week then move on to deciding if appliances use electricity and, if they do, whether this is electricity provided by mains electricity or the energy from a battery.

The video for this lesson can be found here.

The link for the slide near the end of the presentation that talks about safety when using electricity is here.

Class reading book - Thursday

The reading of chapter 2 has been moved to next Monday 18 January - please see the relevant page of the website for details.

Further Reading on MyOn

You might like to log into MyOn and read these books on using batteries and electricity.


 Quiz number = 222102                   Quiz number = 222103

Library Story-Time

Libby the Library Bear has a new message for all the children!  Click here to listen to this week's story-time at a time to suit you.  There are two stories this week, so you may choose to listen to one today, and one tomorrow.


Quiz No =  236307        Quiz No = 227801

There are quizzes on both of these books. 

If you would like to take a quiz on Accelerated Reader, the quiz numbers are shown underneath the books.

Enjoy the stories!



Today you are going to use White Rose Maths Hub to learn about dividing numbers by 1 and itself. Click here to access the video. There is a worksheet attached that gets progressively harder so if you are looking for a Mild task, complete the first page and see how you get on, then challenge yourself with the second page. If you are looking for a hot or flaming hot task, complete the first and second page, then there are some extra challenges on the document underneath. 


Today you are going to write up your diary entry in neat, including any edits you made yesterday. 


Can you get a family member to test you on your spellings? From next week we will be uploading videos looking at spellings rules and patterns so look out for those! 


Today we will continue with the learning we began last week focusing on relationships.  We recap some of the paintings from last week (if you feel confident you understand how artists portray emotions and relationships you can scroll through some of this recap) then watch a video about drawing cartoon faces.  Then you are asked to have a go at portraying feelings yourself when you are asked to practise drawing some cartoon faces.

Here is the link for the video that explains all this.

The link for the video mentioned in the learning can be found here.



Mr Bull, Mr Jones and Mr Lancaster have put together a quiz for you, based on our learning in Music before Christmas. How many points can you score? Click here to access the video and enjoy!

Class reading book Friday AND Monday

The reading of chapter 3 has been moved to next Tuesday 19 and Wednesday 20 January - please see the relevant page of the website for details.