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Year 4 - Week beginning 12th July

Monday 12th July

Good morning, 

I hope you enjoyed your weekend! Today we are going to be completing Maths, PE and RE. 


We are going to finish off our unit of time, by looking at the digital, 24hr clock. Watch the White Rose video here. When you have done this, can you use household objects to create different digital clock faces, showing different times? Perhaps you could use straws, or pasta even! Look at how the numbers on a digit are formed. 



Log into your Jasmine PE account by clicking here. Click on the 'ball chasing' skills and watch the videos, working up in difficulty. Which skill can you complete confidently? What do you need to practice to get to the next level?


At Greswold we pride ourselves on our BRICKS Values: Belonging, Respect, Independence, Curiosity, Kindness and Success.  I would like you to reflect on each of the values and write a few sentences for each explaining how have embodied that value, or shown the values qualities. You could do this as a mind map, or as a piece of writing. Then write a couple of concluding sentences to explain why you think our values might be so important to our school. 



Tuesday 13th July

First thing this morning we are going to wake up and shake up. We are going to reminisce on our lockdown days with Joe Wicks smiley My thighs still burn when I think of his videos! Enjoy! Click here.


For the rest of today you are going to look at our English Tudor script and see if we can build a Tudor house. 



You can complete your Maths homework for this week on Mathletics, I have also set time work that we have been looking at over the last few days in our lessons. You could also complete a Soundcheck on TT Rockstars and ensure your timestables are still fresh in your mind. 



See the script below that you might recognise from our English lessons. The children in class are going to be practising this today and begin to perform it. For the lesson today i'd like you to re-read the script and re-read it with different voices for each character. Find a quiet room in your house and practice it out loud. 


Create a mind-map of what we know about the Tudors - you might want to top it up with some research. I want you to begin to think about creating your own play, but just think, we will begin writing over the next couple of days. 



History and D&T

This week in school we are going to begin making a Tudor house. Now, this is going to be tricky with you being at home so I would like you to try and be resourceful and imaginative! I have attached a net below of a Tudor House you can make today  to visualise what your house might look like. You can then have a think about what materials you have at home that can help you make your own. If you want to, you can do a little more research on what Tudor Houses were made of/ looked like to support your design.

Wednesday 14th July

Good morning! Today you are going to be doing some English, Maths and our last French lesson before spending some more time on your Tudor House if you'd like to.



Yesterday we looked at the playscript and you read it through. My suggestion was for you to think about writing your own play and today I'd like you to give this some more thought. We have spent a lot of time looking at what Tudor life was like and you did some research for your Home Learning so you are armed with lots of information to support you. I would like you to write your own play and this will be a three day task as there is a lot to think about. Below is how you might use the time over the three days.

Wednesday - What aspect of Tudor life is your play going to be about? What type of play would you like to write - do you want it to be a comedy? Do you want to write a play that will educate younger year groups? For this, think about the language that you will use, it will need to be easily understood by younger audiences. Who will your characters be? Don't make too many else it can get a bit complicated. Focus on perhaps three main characters who feature in your play. You might want to make a note of all your ideas to refer back to over the coming days.

Thursday and Friday - Write your play. Use Henry the 8th and his Six Wives to help you with the layout of a play. You will also need stage directions to help your actors know what they need to be doing as they will use these to help with their acting.



We are going to continue with telling the time and converting a time on an analogue clock to a digital one. Click here for your video and the worksheet is below. You only need to complete questions 1-6 today. Save the rest of the reasoning for another video tomorrow.


Tying in nicely with our topic of time in Maths, you have been learning how to tell the time in French with Mrs Glover. Below is a presentation that recaps telling the time half past the hour and then moves on to quarter to and quarter past. There is a worksheet below also. Have a go at saying these phrases in French to practice your speaking, it is more important than the writing in the first instance when learning a language.


Go back to your house design and have a look at any materials you need to collect. Begin creating! There will be more time set aside for this in the next couple of days so take your time blush

Thursday 15th July

Good morning! Today you are going do some Maths and English and then continue on with your Tudor House. 



This is the second part of the lesson that you started yesterday. Click here for the video and your worksheet is below. Remember, you are only filling out the second half of the sheet, the reasoning questions. 



Re-read the task that was set yesterday and continue with your Tudor playscript. I will set up a link on assignments so that you can send them to me when they are complete. I will leave the link open till Monday. 


See how far you get with your Tudor House. It would be great to see photos of your progress and the finished product! Drop these where you would normally upload your Online Learning here.

Friday 16th July

Good morning, 

I have sent a link to your email for the BRICKS assembly this morning with Mrs Scott. It would be great to see you join. 

After that the class will be having their spelling test so maybe you could look at the list I have attached below and get someone in your household to test you on 10 or 12. This list is the statutory year 3 and 4 spelling list and covers a lot of the spellings we have learned this year. 


Today gives you the chance to finish off your short playscript. I have created an assignment in Teams so this should allow you to either attach it as photos if you have handwritten it, or copy and paste the text, for me to see your play. 


History/ D and T

Finish your Tudor house. Some children in school have created trees and bushes so you can add extra embellishments if you'd like. It would be great if you could send a photo of your Tudor House to the place where you uploaded your work in lockdown.



Practice your brass instrument for the final time before the end of Year 4. Can you recall what songs you have learned? Maybe you could give the people in your household a mini concert!