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Year 4 - week beginning 14 March 2022


Last week you wrote a letter to a family member or friend, explaining you had arrived safely in North America as one of the first settlers many thousands of years ago.

This week you should write a diary that describes the first few days or weeks of life in North America.

How well did you settle into your new way of life ?  Was your shelter good at protecting you from the weather and did you find enough food ?  Were you alone or with others ?  What did you do each day ?  What did you do ?  Did other settlers arrive ?  Did your group of settlers grow ?  How did that affect your life ?

Use ideas that you have already learned to write a diary of life in your new home.  How was it different to your life in Asia ?  You can carry out some research to include lots of detail about what life may have been like.  The resources below should be helpful.



We have completed our lesson on equivalent fractions but a little more practice would be useful.  Can you think of any fractions that are equivalent to ½ ?  Can you represent other equivalent fractions by both drawing and writing calculations, such as ½ = … ?  What is equal to three eights ?  You will find lots of images to help you at  (please be aware this site is not secure and so no personal information should be shared).

We have moved on to counting in fractions.  Practise counting forwards and backwards in fractions of different sizes, such as halves, thirds, quarters, eights, tenths and so on.  Once you are confident, complete the applying shown below.