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Year 4 - week beginning 18 January

Hello Year 4,

Welcome to your second full week of lockdown learning. You did a super job last week and we hope you enjoy what we have instore for you this week. Make sure you check the timetable, as this will detail when your live drop in sessions are. You will receive invites through Teams. Remember these sessions are there for you to get support from your teacher if you are stuck with your learning. 

Alongside this learning, remember you also need to be practicing your spellings and you have access to Mathletics and Times Table Rockstars. It would also be lovely to see more children quizzing on books they are reading at home.  Oak National Academy are now publishing one free e-book a week on their website.  Click here to take a look and discover this week's book.

Stay safe and enjoy your week,

The Y4 Team

A video introducing this week's learning can be viewed here.



Multiplying and dividing by 6

Listen to Mrs Mills teach you about multiplying and dividing by 6 by clicking here

Your fluency questions are on the PowerPoint and then your reasoning is split into our three challenges beneath. 


Today, is part one, of a two part lesson. Have some paper and a pencil ready to talk through the task of writing a setting description. You are going to make some notes or create a draft, then tomorrow you can come back and write your setting description. Click here for your video.  


This link is on the third slide, so have put it here too, to save you typing it into your address bar.


Here is a video to support you in learning list A and list B spellings.


This week's Geography lesson is about lines of latitude and longitude.  You will need to watch the video and then compete a task using coordinates to locate places.  It is a longer video than usual but almost half of it is taken up giving answers to the questions asked.

This video explaining the learning and the choice of tasks can be found here.

A video about how Earth spins and orbits around the sun can be found here , though it is not necessary to watch this.  If you are confident with today's learning, it may well be useful - details of which part of the video to focus on are included in the learning video described above.

If you have enjoyed today's geography lesson and would like to know more, you might enjoy reading one of these books about 'Maps' on MyOn.


Class reading book

Apologies for last week's problems with the sound quality of the first half of chapter 2 which then led to a mix up with uploading the relevant chapters in the correct order. 

As a result, for today's session please listen to the video here which is a recording of all of chapter 2 with much better sound quality.  If you listened to and understood the first half of the chapter, do feel free to scroll to the part that was not uploaded.

Therefore, chapter 3 will now be moved and uploaded for Tuesday and Wednesday's lessons.  If you have already listened to chapter 3, I hope you are looking forward to chapter 4 on Thursday.

Apologies for all the confusion.  We hope that, with new technology in use, the rest of the chapters will follow smoothly !

Library Story-Time for Winnie the Pooh Day.

Click on the picture to listen to story-time with Winnie the Pooh and his friends.




Today we are going to be looking at multiplying and dividing by 9. Click here for the video. Your fluency work is on the PowerPoint and your reasoning and problem solving is underneath. 


This link might come in useful towards the end of the PowerPoint but it might not let you click it on the video.


Scroll through to the end of yesterdays video and remind yourself of your task. Today you are going to be writing your setting description using the notes that you made yesterday. When you have finished, take some time to re-read and edit your work using the structure that Mrs Mills used last week. 


  • Powerful vocabulary
  • Sentence Starters
  • Punctuation
  • Spellings (by checking your work backwards)

Guided Reading 

Guided Reading this week is based on another non-fiction text about the weather. You have a RIC today and then some vocabulary to find the definition of. Click here for the video. 

Class reading book

Please refer to the information from yesterday explaining that the reading which can be found here of chapter 3 is for this lesson and tomorrow's lesson.  The link is to a video from last week when Mr Wilson was experiencing some problems with his camera.  Please note that because of this, there is a 30 second pause at the start of the video before the reading begins.  It is suggested that you pause the video at 18:25, ready to continue tomorrow.  If you have already listened to the first part of this chapter, do pick up where you left off. 

Chapter 4 will be uploaded ready for Thursday's lesson.


Today you are going to look at how we say our body parts in French. Some of you said how much you enjoyed the video last week so i've found you another! Remember to practice the new vocabulary out loud to help develop your language and accent skills. Click here to access the video and then complete the worksheet below. Maybe you could play Simon Says with your family, in French! Think back to the classroom instructions you learned last week and put them to the test!


In RE you are going to be thinking about what you know about Jesus and how these qualities might be portrayed in paintings. 




Today you are going to look at multiplying and dividing by 7. As per the last two days, your fluency is on the PowerPoint, then your reasoning and problem solving challenges are below. Click here for your video. 


In English today you are going to start planning a character description. Mrs Mills will explain all you need to know here aswell as read you some more of the story. You will need a blank piece of paper and a pencil for this lesson. 

Guided Reading

In Guided Reading you are going to read a non-fiction text about weather and climate. You can either load the video here and I can read it to you, or read it at your own pace by opening the PDF below. 


So many of you enjoyed the PE last week that we are going to go live again with Chance to Shine. I have uploaded a picture so you know what equipment you will need for this week. You can access the session by clicking here. The session is live from 2pm - 2:45pm but you can access the video after the live session if you can't make it! 


Today you are going to think about what happens if we can't achieve our dreams and goals. How do we feel when dreams get broken? Click here for your video. There are  lots of times where you need to pause the video and think or jot down your thoughts and feelings. 

Class reading book

Today you can pick up where you left off yesterday, unless you decided to watch all of the video in one go.

The link for chapter 3 can be found here for you continue watching.  I suggested you paused the video yesterday at 18:25, but of course, do pick up where you left off yesterday.




Today you are going to use White Rose Hub to look at multiplying three numbers together. Click here for the link. It might be handy to have a pencil and paper ready to answer the questions from the video, make notes to help in your independent work or show your working out. I have also put a multiplication grid beneath to support you with your times tables if you need it. Your worksheets are below so pick a challenge when you have finished watching the video. 


Today we are going to look at character description and how we can describe our mechanical animals that we designed yesterday. Click here for your link. 

Guided Reading

Today you are going to listen to Mrs Mills discussing features of a non-chronological report and then look at the skill of retrieval. Click here for the video. There is no written work today, listen carefully though because you will be completing the task independently tomorrow.

Class reading book

Today and tomorrow you will have the opportunity to listen to chapter 4.  Today's video is of the reading of the first half of this chapter.  The link for this is here.

Mr Wilson is really enjoying reading this book.  Although there have been some technical difficulties along the way, he hopes things will go well with the upload of each chapter from now on.  If you have missed any of the story so far, do go back to the previous sessions and listen to the relevant chapters.

In the document listed below you will find some photographs of places that have been important in the story so far.  Do have a look and if you are inspired to find out more, a simple search of the internet brings up lots of information about the Isles Of Scilly. 


Today we look investigate circuits and try to decide if examples of circuits that are given are complete or not.  The question is, will the bulb light or not ? 

The video for this lesson is here.

The link for the video mentioned in the presentation is here.


Stop motion animation! Click here for the video. In the video there are mention of some other links that you can click below, after you've watched the video.


Stop Motion Animation - How does it work?

Wallace and Gromit

Morph Stop Motion Animation


Library Story-Time

Libby the Library Bear has dressed up as a character from one of the stories today!  Click on the book picture to listen to this week's story-time at a time to suit you.  There are two stories this week, so you may choose to listen to one today, and one tomorrow.  The quiz number needed for taking the quiz on Accelerated Reader is below the book.


Yellow & Green                   Yellow

Quiz Number =                   Quiz Number = 

234135                              218351




Please note, we have amended our timetable for this Friday.  This is because we had prepared our timetable for this week before we were offered a live brass lesson by the music service teachers.  We thought this was an opportunity too good to miss and so we have amended the learning for this afternoon.  Please see next week's timetable which will be prepared for Monday for any further timetabling changes. 


We are going to be looking at factor pairs today, and will be continuing this on Monday. Click here for the video.


Here are some more links to videos about factors if you'd like to watch them.

BBC Bitesize Factors

Oak National Academy 



You are going to write part 2 of your character description this time adding action. Click here for the video. 

Guided Reading 

Today you are going to be completing the retrieval questions independently. You can go back and watch the video from yesterday if you'd like to. 

Spelling test

Here is the link to this week's spelling test.


Children learning remotely are being invited to attend a live brass lesson via Teams.  This session will last for 30 minutes, starting at either 1:30pm or 2:00pm.  Please speak to your child to prepare them for this session - they may be asked to listen quietly at times with their microphone being active, at the direction of the music teachers.  If successful, this format will continue on a weekly basis.


Last week you were asked to draw some cartoon faces.  As we have a live music lesson this afternoon, we are not suggesting a new Art lesson for remote learning today.  Instead, refer back to last week's Art lesson that taught you about showing clear expressions in your art work by drawing cartoon faces.  It was strongly suggested you should draw these faces quite quickly and practise over and over again many times to improve your technique.  With this in mind, refer back to the faces shown on last week's sheet, practise drawing some more faces and, if you are doing well, draw some expressions not shown on the sheet.  Good luck ! 

Class reading book

Today we complete chapter 4.  Here is the link for this part of the story.