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Year 4 - Week beginning 19th July

Monday 19th July

Good morning, 

I hope you enjoyed your weekend and managed to safely enjoy some sunshine!


Over the next couple of days, we are going to spend some time looking at Japan and the Olympics taking place later this year. You might see it referred to as Tokyo 2020 but it had to be postponed due to Covid and so it is happening this year! 



Where is Japan on a map? What continent is it in and how long would it take you to fly there on a plane from Birmingham Airport? Can you guess the capital city of Japan? Below is a blank map of Japan, can you use a map to correctly label it?

There is a brilliant book on MyOn called Japan ABCs which is a great introduction to all things Japanese! Have a read of the book by clicking here. When you have read it, quiz on it on Accelerated Reader  smiley

When you have quizzed, look at an aspect of the book that excites you or interests you and then do some research and create a fact file or poster presentation of all that you have found out. 


This afternoon we will be doing PE. Have a look at the Ball Chasing unit on Jasmine PE. There is a link here. Have a go at the challenges that are split into different colours, these increase with difficulty. What colour can you complete confidently? 


After that, have a go at the Tunnels PB Challenge.