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Year 4 - week beginning 1st February

Click here for your 'Welcome to the week' video

Hello children and parents


Welcome to this week's home learning page.  We wonder if you saw the snow on Saturday - not as much as last week, but at least perhaps you managed to have some fun in the days before.  In a way this was a good thing - it meant the weather was a little warmer for birdwatching.  We hope you managed to spend some time on our whole school Science task of birdwatching for an hour, whether that was alone or, even better, with some family members.  Hopefully, you found it interesting but also a pleasant, relaxing experience.  Or maybe at times it was exciting, depending on what you spotted !  Remember, do send your data into school for us to collate and send off to the RSPB.


Assignments through Teams

This week we are introducing a new feature to our home learning.  Everybody learning from home throughout the week will be set a task to complete using the Assignment function of Teams.  Look out for further details to follow.


Optional drop in support sessions

This week we will continue to offer optional drop in sessions for maths and English from Monday to Thursday for those children not in school .  Please make sure that if you are going to attend one of these Teams meetings that you have, firstly, attempted the learning for that day and, secondly, can tell the teacher which particular question you have found challenging. 

Each teacher has invited a number of children, including some that are not in their own class, and so the time they may be able to spend with each child is likely to be limited. 


Mr Jones and Mr Bull have sent through some work from your music lesson on Friday, about musical notation. It would be great if at some point this week, you could have a look at the PowerPoint and practise drawing the staves, treble clef and the notes, taking care to note where they sit on the stave. 



Wake up

This morning year 4, we are going to start our day with some exercise to wake up and we are going to use good ol' Joe Wicks smiley Click here for your work out this morning.


Today we are going to multiply a three digit number by a one digit number, using the same written method that we learned last week. Click here for your video. Your worksheet is below, complete as much as you can.                                                                                                                                                                                                      



Here is a video to support you in learning your spellings this week.


Today you are going to look at how to construct past and present verbs to support your writing. Click here for your video, the three challenges are below.


Today we complete some learning that is about comparing different locations.  Hopefully you recall that last week we compared locations across North America.  This week we compare Solihull with these North American locations to decide whether Solihull is similar to all, some or none of the North American locations we studied previously.

The video for this lesson can be found here.


The last two documents below are copies from last week, in case you have mislaid them.

Class reader

Today we finish chapter 7, finding out why the chapter is titled Samson.  If you remember, Gracie offers to help the family by earning some money from fishing but her mother tells her that she would be in danger if she set off to sea to catch fish.  Will Gracie and Daniel be safe ?  Find out more by clicking here.



Morning Activity

Another one of Mrs Mills' favourite books (there are many!!!!) is The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse. If you haven't read the book, it comes highly recomended. Charlie Mackesy is the writer and illustrator, and he has created a series of 'lockdown' illustrations. A few of Mrs Mills' favourite illustrations are below, along with a sheet for you, to colour the rainbow.


"This will end, hold on."


A bit later on, you might like to try this book, which also includes a mole and is a graphic novel version of a very famous children's book!


In Maths today, before you watch the video, have a go at the reasoning questions set out into our three challenges below. Then click here to watch the video and see how Mrs Mills answered the questions. 


(Apologies if you had already printed the work for today and now find it has changed, I mixed up the questions and had uploaded some work that was meant for next Tuesday instead. From Mrs Mills)


Today you are going to plan your own adventure story on a storyboard. This means drawing pictures and annotating them in short brief sentences to help you with your writing. There is a document below to support, and a blank storyboard plan for you to use. Think carefully as you draw and annotate as the better and more descriptive your plan, the easier it will be when you come to write. 


Today year 4 we are going to give inverted commas or speech marks a quick recap. We'll look at how they are used, when to use them and the punctuation needed when characters are talking. We will also look at better words than 'said' to describe a character talking. There is a PowerPoint for you to look through and then a worksheet below.


In French this week, we are going to learn about clothing. This week you are going to work through it at your own pace from the BBC Bitesize website. As ever, ensure you practice the vocabulary out loud to work on your pronunciation. On this page, there is some great videos on 'phonics in French'. When you have finished, create a poster with all you have learned today.


Similarly to last week, we are going to look at stained glass windows and how they represent events from Jesus' life. Today you are going to look at His baptism and annotate the stained glass windows with the story. Think about what the artist has done well, what message is shown through the story and what you think the artist could also have included in the picture.

Class reader

We begin chapter 8 today, titled Castaways.  Gracie and Daniel are on Samson, alone and stranded.  Or, are they on Samson ?  Perhaps they are somewhere else - they can't be sure.  And are they alone - or is someone else there with them ?  If they're not alone, is The Birdman with them somewhere on the island ?  Or is somebody else ?  There's plenty of mystery in this chapter then.  See if you can work out some answers for yourself by clicking here.



Your riddle this morning is another from Ethan in Chaffinches and it certainly got Mrs Mills thinking! 


What runs but never walks, what has a bed but never sleeps?


Come back on Friday to find out the answer!


Today we are going to divide a 2 digit number by a 1 digit number. This is something you may have already covered in Year 3, so we are going to go straight in with remainders and the bus stop method. Your fluency questions are at the end of the PowerPoint and the answers are on the last slide so you can check them. Click here for the video. 


We are going to begin writing our own adventure story after reading a little bit more about what Charlie Small gets up to. Click here for your video.

Guided Reading

We are going to go straight to reading the text that you are going to use for your independent work. There isn't much written text, and you'll shortly see why. I want you to have a look at the very short texts and see if you can work out the literary device that is being used and then find out the purpose of the literary device. All will be revealed tomorrow in your teaching session. 

Jigsaw - Dreams

Today you are going to think about creating new dreams. Click here for your video.


Your Chance to Shine PE session this weeks focusses on you practicing your bowling skills. Not the Ten Pin kind! Click here for the video and make sure you look at the picture below to get details of the session, including any equipment you might need. 

Class reader

The last we heard, Gracie and Daniel were stranded on an island they did not recognise.  They began to explore the island, which they think is Samson, finding a cottage and inside, a strange object above the fire.  Will they find out who lit the beacon that guided them to the island, will they find food and water and will the fog lift so they can return home soon ?  Find out by listening to the end of chapter 8 - click here.



Positive thinking starter

Click the document below to start your day off positively smiley


Today we are going to complete the reasoning on dividing 2 digit numbers by 1 digit numbers. Have a go at completing the task and then come back to the video to go through the answers with Mrs Mills.


In English today we are going to listen to some more of our Charlie Small adventure and then you are going to write parts 3 and 4 of your own adventure story. Click here for your video.

Guided Reading

In Guided Reading we are going to listen to Mrs Mills talk about puns, in preparation for your independent task tomorrow. Click here for the video.


Today we focus on electrical conductors and insulators.  This needs us to carry out an experiment, but don't worry, Mr Wilson will do this for you - a video is included in the his explanation for this lesson which can be found here.  It is a longer video than usual but it not only includes footage of Mr Wilson carrying out the experiment but he will also talk you through making predictions, recording the results and looking at the results for a pattern to help with your learning.

The video mentioned by Mr Wilson in his explanation can be found here.
Since recording the video, Mr Wilson has put together the information needed for today's learning on one sheet that can be found below. 

Class reader

Now that the fog lifts, Gracie and Daniel have the chance to leave the island.  But when they arrive home, if they do, what will their welcome be like ?  Click here to find out more as Mr Wilson reads the first part of chapter 9.



The answer to Ethan's riddle earlier in the week is : a river!

Wake up

Click here for the dinosaur stomp.


We are going to start looking today at dividing a three digit number by a one digit number and we are going to do this today by partitioning. Click here for your video and your worksheet is below. Complete as much as you feel you are able to. 

Friday Answers

Spelling Test

Here is your link to this week's Spelling Test

Guided Reading

Your assignment today will be set through Assignments on Teams. Please complete the answer sheet and send it back through Teams. If you log onto Teams, as you would for a lesson or meeting with your teacher, on the left hand side there is an assignments button which will detail the work set. 

If you need any further support with this, Mr Hornsey has made a video to support, which can be accessed here


This week we move forward with our unit focusing on relationships with further practice at drawing heads.  However, this week we focus on drawing our most realistic faces yet, thinking much more carefully about where we should be placing the subject's eyes, nose, mouth and other features.  The video for this week's learning can be found here.


This week we will be having another live session with the music service teachers, an invite will be sent to you for you to access this afternoon Teams meeting. Please make sure you have some paper and a pencil as you will be looking at musical notation this week. 

Class reader

Daniel seems distracted and distant.  There's trouble ahead.  And even worse, we find out why the chapter is titled 31st October 1915, but this time Michael Morpurgo keeps you waiting right to the end to find out the significance of this date .  Find out more here.

Library Story-Time

Here is this week's story time.

Click on the book to listen!