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Year 4 - Week beginning 1st March

Hi Year 4, 

Your final week of Home Learning is finally here! Your video with Mrs Mills talking about the work this week can be found here.



Morning Starter

This morning, you are going to complete a 'back to school' sheet. If you cannot print it, then have a go at recreating it. We'd like you to think about how you're feeling about coming back and even though many of you are very excited, there may be some worry there too. These will not be uploaded to the website into the public gallery but your teachers would still love to see them so we'd appreciate them being uploaded in the normal way, just for your teachers to see smiley


Today you are going to use the White Rose Hub video to learn about making shapes. You can click here for your video and your worksheet is below. There is an answer sheet but for some questions there are many possibilities depending on the shapes you have drawn so there are not answers to every question. 


Here is a video to support your Spellings for this week.


Today you are going to look at apostrophes for possession. Click here for your video, and the three challenges are below.


Today you will be completing the task linked to our last lesson - during our last Geography lesson, we investigated who the first North American settlers were; today you will write a diary as if you were one of those first settlers.  The video explaining this task can be found here.

The video we have used previously giving background information about North America can be found here.



Morning Starter

This morning you have the pleasure of working out with Joe Wicks dressed as a frog. What better way is there to start the day? Enjoy smiley Click here for your video. 


Using Mathletics, you are going to complete the tasks on Area. Please then log onto your Times Tables Rockstars account and play, before completing a soundcheck. It would be great if you could post your Soundcheck scores on your Teams class chat smiley There will not be a 'drop in' as such but Mrs Mills and Mr Wilson will still be sending invites to a Teams meeting incase you need to be reminded of your passwords for Mathletics and Times Table Rockstars. 


We are going to look at non-chronological reports. You can click here for your video today. There are two tasks. The first means you need to pause the video and click on the first document below and the second is a task to complete when the video has finished. 

Remember, you may not have don it exactly the same way that I have, but there is an idea of what each text may look like. 

Guided Reading

With it being World Book Day on Thursday, we have some slightly different activities this week for Guided Reading. We have looked at the mini books available to buy with your World Book Day £1 voucher and chosen one of those for our RIC task today.  You can view all the books here - which one would you like to spend your voucher on? Vote here!



There are two parts to todays work. First, watch the video (the link is at the top of the following document) and answer the RIC questions. Then, read the extract from Football Stories on the document below and then pick your challenge. The answers are at the bottom of the document. 


Healthy Me - the topic continues and this week we will be looking at Group Dynamics. Click here for your video and the activity sheet is below.


Like last week, you are going to log into Jasmine PE but this week you are going to look at the floor work module. When you login click KS2 and find the following symbol.

There is some floor work activities and then a personal best challenge. 




Morning Starter

Design your own Peter Pan themed mindfulness colouring sheet. Upload this onto our website and we can use them in school! There are some cartoon characters from the story below if you want to use them to help you.


Today for our final part within Area we are going to look at Comparing Shapes. Today you are going to complete the six fluency tasks and then on Friday you can complete the reasoning. Mrs Mills created a video here which shows fluency and reasoning so you can watch it today and then you can re-watch it on Friday morning if you want a recap before you complete the reasoning smiley 


In the spirit of World Book Day tomorrow, you are going to write a book review. This could be a book you have read recently, or perhaps you would like to write about Charlie Small or Why the Whales Came? There are a couple of templates below that you can use or if you want to be really creative you could create your own. Make sure you have a look at the examples to ensure it is detailed. Try and pick a book that you thoroughly enjoyed, you never know, you might inspire someone else to read it and love it too! 

Guided Reading

Listen to David Walliams read Chapter 1 of his latest book, 'Code Name Bananas' here.

And then there is some activites on the document below that you can complete once you have listened smiley


This afternoon we would like you to relax and watch a stage version of Peter Pan. It is our theme for World Book Day. Please discuss with your grown ups which link you are going to watch before you click play! 


The National Theatre production (you will need  password for this, which has been sent to your parents via an app message. Click the words that say 'subscripton required' and then log in with the details in the app message)


Youtube Production


CBeebies Peter Pan




Live World Book Day Assembly

This will be at 9:30am and your invite to the session will be sent by Mrs Mills or Mr Iles. We are going to be talking all things books on World Book Day! Feel free to dress up as a book character if you would like to laugh Please join the meeting muted. 


Creative Task

Today you are going to either make a stop motion animation or you can make a flick book. To create a Stop Motion Animation, you need a device such as a tablet or a phone so if you don't have one of these then all you need is paper and a pen to make a flipbook! There is a great free app available on both Android and Apple called Stop Motion Studio though some of you may have other software already that can help you make them. Mrs Mills has created a video which can be accessed here and there are some useful links below to support. It is important that you create a plan of what you are going to do so there is a storyboard planning sheet below too. 


 Stop Motion Studio


How to make a Flipbook

The video links from the PowerPoint are below:

Peter Pan Flipbook

Peter Pan Stop Motion 


Please upload your creations and we will create a gallery on our Home Learning pages smiley


We continue with our unit of classification, shifting away from classifying vertebrates that we investigated last week to classifying invertebrates this week. The video for this lesson can be found here.



Morning Starter

This morning we are going to go back to the Jar of Positivity. This morning I would like you to fill your jar with positive things about coming back to school on Monday. You may be feeling worried for a variety of reasons but this morning I would like you to focus on the positive! See how full you can get your jar! 


Have a lovely last 'Home Learning' day smiley


Today year 4 you can complete the reasoning questions based on 'comparing area'. You can watch the video again here from Wednesday if you want a recap. The answers are uploaded too for you to be able to check your work. 

Here is your link to this week's Spelling Test

Guided Reading

'Just Listen' to the Graphic Novel audio-book version of Peter Pan on MyOn.  (You will need your MyOn Log-in).



As usual, your lesson invites will be sent via Teams. Please have paper and a pencil handy. 


In today's lesson we progress from the focus of the last few weeks of drawing faces, moving on to draw stick people for today's learning.  This introduction to drawing the whole body does not necessarily mean you can't practise drawing faces.  Watch the video here to think about what you can choose to draw today.  The video mentioned can be found here.