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Year 4 - Week beginning 22nd February

Hello Year 4!

Welcome back to a new school half term: Spring 2. We hope you had a safe and relaxing week off and are looking forward to some more home learning. We will hopefully be finding out soon when we are all able to safely return to school.


For the next couple of weeks your drop in sessions for Maths and English will continue as normal Monday to Thursday, and you will be having a catch up with your class teacher too smiley We are looking forward to seeing you! 


Your Welcome to the Week video from Mr Iles is here.



Morning Starter

This morning you are going to do some Cosmic Yoga inspired by Sonic the Hedgehog. Click here for your video. 


In today's lesson you are going to begin looking at correspondence problems. These are problems where you must find all possible combinations of objects in a set. (All will become clear when you watch the video smiley) There is a video and an independent task on Oak National Academy, then below there is one more problem for each challenge level. Click here to start your lesson. 


Today you are going to look at apostrophes for omission. Click here for your video, and the three challenges are below.


Here is a video to support your Spellings for this week.


Today's lesson is the first of two lessons that focus on the first people to live in North America.  Today we begin by reminding ourselves about some of our map work from last half term when we investigated features of North America, such as its different climate regions, vegetation and relief.  We will then look at some information about the first people to live in North America, making some notes as we do so in order to be ready for next week's task which will be to write a diary extract as if we were one of the first people to live in North America.  The video for this week's lesson can be found here.

The link for the video mentioned in the lesson (this video was mentioned in a previous lesson but you may want to watch it again to remind yourself about some of the geography of North America) can be found here.



Morning Starter

Click the picture below to enlarge it. In RE this afternoon we are going to begin looking at sacrifice. Sacrifice isn't always a choice and we are all sacrificing a lot at the minute, time at school, lockdown birthdays, missing friends and family perhaps. Pick something off the picture that you are going to do to give yourself some time and space to reflect. 


After looking at correspondence problems yesterday, today we are going to look at reasoning. Mrs Mills will talking through correspondence problems again here and your worksheets are below split into our three challenges. 


We are going to be writing a non-chronological report. This is a factual piece of writing that is not written in chronological order. For example, a recount retells something that has happened and so it makes sense to be written in time order, or chronological order. An example of a non-chronological report might be a fact file about a certain topic, place or thing. For the next couple of weeks, we are going to be looking at the features of non-chorological reports before we write our own, and today we are going to start with paragraphs.


Today you are going to follow a lesson on BBC Bitesize entitled paragraphs. Click here for the link. You will need a pen or pencil and paper for this lesson. There are a couple of short videos to watch and then an independent activity.

Guided Reading

In Guided Reading today you are going to complete a RIC and research some new vocabulary that you need to know before you read our text tomorrow. You can click here to watch the video you will need for todays RIC, your questions and vocabulary are on the document below.


In French we are going to be looking at clothing. Your task is to draw a picture of yourself and what you are wearing, then label it with the French terms for each item of clothing. If you want a challenge, add the colours of your clothing too! A website that will really support you today can be found here. Make sure you practice the pronunciation of the French words out loud.


We are going to begin looking at sacrifice. There is a presentation below that you can read through. Please make a note of your answers to the questions asked and then there is a task for you on the last slide. Sacrifice can be a tricky and tough subject, particularly at the moment, so please talk to your parents if you need to, and go back to your morning activity if you want some time for reflection. There is a link to the video in the Powerpoint, it might not let you click it, so you can click here instead smiley


There is also another video here if you want to find out more about Lent. 



Morning Starter

The image below is another from Charlie Mackesy. Print the picture, or have a go at drawing it and fill the rest of the page with reasons you have to be proud of yourself! 


We are going to begin looking at area and what it is. Mrs Mills has prepared a video for you here and there are three challenges below, along with the answer sheets for you to check your work. There are a couple of fluency questions and a couple of reasoning questions. Don't forget the drop in sessions if you want some help! 


In English today, you are going to be looking at the difference between past and present tense. Click here for your video and then your worksheet is below along with the answers. 

Guided Reading

Simply read the text below. Think back to the vocabulary you found yesterday and double check your understanding whilst you are reading the text. If any other unfamiliar words are in the text, make sure you look them up. 


Our new topic this half term is Healthy Me. Today we are going to be thinking specifically about who our friends are. Click here for your video and activity.


Today you are going to login to Jasmine PE, you can access the website here. Your class username and password were sent to your parents before half term in an app message. Check before the drop ins and if you can't find it, ask a teacher then. There is a document below to show you how to access today's activity. You are going to focus on balancing skills whilst sitting which will test your core strength. 



Morning Starter

I don't think we'll be having snow again anytime soon but see if you can dance like a yeti! Click here to help wake up this morning. 


Today you are going to look at measuring area by counting squares. Your video for today can be found here and your worksheet is below. There is not a differentiated task for today but have a go at completing at least the first page, then get as far as you can with the reasoning. Don't forget the drop in sessions if you want to ask a question smiley


Click here for your video with Mrs Mills about conjunctions in non-chronological reports. The video will explain your tasks which today are going to be set as an assignment through Teams.

Guided Reading

Today you simply need to listen to Mrs Mills talk about retrieval. Click here for your video.


Today we start a new Science unit which focuses on classification.  The meaning of this word is introduced during this lesson along with definitions of vertebrates and invertebrates.  You will hear about how we organise the animals of the world into different groups and your task will be linked to this.  The video for the lesson can be found here.

The internet page mentioned in the lesson video can be found using the link here



Morning Starter

Look back at our starter on Tuesday and give yourself some time to reflect, perhaps you want to pick one of the activites from earlier weeks that you enjoyed, or perhaps you'd like to create your own mindfulness colouring, it is entirely up to you this morning how you get yourself ready for today's learning. 


It's Friday! Today we are going to be counting squares to find the area of a shape and reasoning. Click here for your video with Mrs Mills and your worksheets are below. 

Everyone can complete the fluency worksheet and then the reasoning is split into our three challenges. 



Here is your link to this week's Spelling Test.

Guided Reading

Your independent task, based on this week's text of Paleontology can be found below, along with the answers for you to check your work. 


You will have a link to your music lesson through your Teams calendar. Please remember to join muted and do not use the chat unless you are asked to by the Mr Bull or Mr Jones.

This lesson you will need the following:

  • A pen or pencil
  • 1-2 sheets of blank paper
  • A piece of paper with a stave drawn on it - just the 5 lines/4 spaces


We continue with our focus for this term, showing relationships through our art.  Today we continue to practise drawing heads of people, concentrating on how to draw heads that are turned to the side or tilted upwards or downwards.  The video for this lesson can be found here.

The link for the video mentioned in the lesson can be found here.

The document from the previous lesson that shows how the head can be divided up using proportions can be found below.