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Year 4 - week beginning 4 January

Hello Year 4! We're back. We hope you and your families are well. Below you will find your remote learning, day by day. We have linked the videos here too but if for whatever reason they don't load, check the Video Resource Centre and look under Year 4 Remote Learning


With regards to other things you could also be doing, don't forget your spellings which are also uploaded on this page. There is also reading and quizzing. This might be books that you have at home or on MyOn. Don't forget to quiz on any books you have read! If you need any help remembering your log ins and passwords then send the office an email and we can respond with an app message. Your physical activity is also important so make sure you follow Joe Wicks again from next week, when he starts his daily workouts! It is recommended that you spend at least 60 minutes of your day engaging in physical activity. This could be going for a safe family walk, or zooming laps in your garden, or perhaps you could create a workout and put your family through their paces?


If you need any further help then ask your parents to email the office and we are on hand to help.

Stay safe,


The Year 4 Team




Maths - Multiplying by 10

Click here to view your Maths learning for today. Listen to Mr Iles and work through the powerpoint. The worksheets are below and you can pick your challenge. 

English  - Charlie Small in Gorilla City

Click here to view your English learning for today. Listen to Mrs Mills then complete the task from the powerpoint

Geography - Introduction to North America

Mr Wilson has prepared your Geography lesson today. Click here to find out about North America! 


Maths - Multiplying by 10 Reasoning

Today you are going to complete some reasoning and problem solving based on your learning of multiplying by 10. Feel free to start with mild to build your confidence then you might want to try something a little more challenging. I have put a link on the worksheet which is a video, recapping multiplying by 10. 


Today you are going to look at subordinating conjunctions, words used in the middle of sentences, to join two clauses. There is a Powerpoint below to help familiarise yourself with conjunctions, then there is differentiated worksheet which you can pick. Remember to challenge yourself and pick an appropiate task. 


This is the first lesson of our new unit for this term - Electricity.  The first objective we must cover is to learn a little about where electricity comes from.  You will need to listen hard, but there are also some videos which would be really useful to help you if you have access to YouTube.

You can access your learning video by clicking here Other sheets you need are below. We have uploaded them as PDF's and word documents so you can edit them from your device, or you might just want to print them and complete them that way. 



Today we are going to be looking at multiplying numbers by 100, using counters and base 10, then applying it to a place value grid. Click here to view the powerpoint. Your work for today has been added below, pick one of the challenges.


In English today, you are going to be using the subordinating conjunctions you looked at yesterday to write some sentences. Click here to see and listen to the Powerpoint. 


This term in art we will be looking at relationships.  That means we will be thinking about how people, or subjects as we will also call them, are behaving in a picture, how they feel and how they are acting towards other subjects.  Of course, these are images, not real people.  It is the magic of the artist that makes us believe the people are real and to suggest their feelings and relationships. Today's lesson will be an introduction to this. 


Click here to view the PowerPoint.