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Year 4 - week beginning 8th February

Hello Year 4,


This week might look a little different because we are going to focus on giving you screen free time in the afternoons. We are aware due to the nature of home learning, you will have spent a lot of time using your devices. Monday – Thursday there will be Maths and English as normal in the morning, then below there is document with a range of activities that you can choose from to fill your afternoons. Friday is an inset day so you only have 4 days of home learning this week smiley There will be no Guided Reading set, but we ask that the 20 minutes or so you would have spent completing the Guided Reading tasks, you instead spend simply reading a book. 


Drop in support sessions for Maths and English will continue as normal and you will still have your weekly catch ups with your teacher. Your brass sessions will also go ahead (even though they are on the screen!) but these sessions will be on Thursday afternoon so look out for your invites for that through Teams.

Welcome to the week

Click here to see the welcome to the week video from Mr Wilson.  In it he gives an overview for this four day week.  

Reading for Pleasure

The books below are available as audio books on the Oak Academy Virtual Library.  So you can lay back and listen to them with your eyes closed, not having to worry about reading from the screen.  This fits nicely as we try to reduce screen time this week.

'Mr Tiger, Betsy and the Blue Moon' is perfectly charming and enchanting - full of wonderful, magical fairy tale characters!

'Cookie' is very funny and Konnie Huq reads it brilliantly!




Your wake up and shake up video this morning is from Trolls. Click here to get your groove on! 


Today in Maths we are going to recover dividing a three digit number by one digit number using the flexible partitioning method. The reason we start with this method is to familiarise ourselves with how to divide the hundreds, tens and the units. It might help if you draw your counters next to your work to support you. Hopefully Mrs Mills will be able to help make things a little clearer here. Don't forget about the drop in sessions if you want some more support! Your fluency questions will show up at the end of the presentation.


Today you are going to look at how to recognise and use determiners in sentences. Click here for your video, and the three challenges are below.


Here is a video to support your spellings for this week.

Class reader

Following on from the very sad news of the last chapter, the Jenkins family receive visitors who arrive to pay their respects to Mr Jenkins.  Just when perhaps things couldn't get worse, Daniel tells Gracie of worrying plans that Big Tim has.  Click here to find out more.



You may like to listen to a recorded assembly story for Safer Internet Day 2021. Click here.


To ground yourself this morning, I want you to listen to some piano music (click here) Close your eyes and simply listen for about five minutes. Try not to think of anything but the music. If you need an activity to do, starting with your feet, tense your muscles for 5 seconds, then relax them slowly. Stop the music when you get to your shoulders. 


You are going to apply your knowledge of division to the formal written method of dividing a three digit number by a two digit number. Mrs Mills has made you a short video here to recap bus stops. Your fluency questions will be a the end of the video and the answers will follow after. 


Your last adventure story writing lesson! Click here to find out a little more about what Charlie Small has been getting up to! 

Class Reader

In our last session, we heard of worrying plans that Big Tim had made about an attack on The Birdman and his cottage.  But though Big Tim and his friends have their attack planned out, The Birdman has more a much more serious concern that needs his attention down on the beach at Popplestones.  Can Gracie and Daniel help him, or will Big Tim and the rest of the islanders end up making things much, much worse ? Find out more by clicking here



What two things can you never eat for breakfast?

Answer: Lunch and dinner!


Dividing three digit numbers by one digit numbers, reasoning and problem solving. Mrs Mills has picked a couple of questions to talk through here. Your independent task is below along with the answers smiley



Today we are going to edit your adventure story by working through your writing bit by bit. Some different coloured pencils or pens would be really handy today! Click here for your video. 

Class Reader

Today we hear the whole of chapter 11.  In our previous instalment, The Birdman was desperate to get the whale back into the water; he believed that if he didn't, the curse that had fallen on Samson would fall on Bryher too.  When Big Tim returns to Popplestones with what seems like most of the islanders, along with their makeshift weapons, what will happen ?  Will they ignore The Birdman and bring the curse upon their own island or will they change their attitude about The Birdman and accept his help.  Click here to find out, but be ready to hear of some shocking news. 




Instead of starting a new topic on our last day of half term, and with Mrs Mills already thinking about what to top her pancakes with next week, we are going to complete a Maths Mystery smiley


Today Year 4, simply write up your adventure story in your neatest handwriting, including all the edits that you made yesterday. You might want to give it a title and even include some illustrations! Send us a photo so we can share your wonderful writing with the rest of the class.


Click here to hear the very last instalment of Charlie Small.

Spelling Test

Here is your link to this week's Spelling Test

Class Reader

Today we read the final chapter of Why the whales came.  Of course, the previous chapter ended with a terrible shock.  What does Michael Morpurgo want to tell us to complete the story ?  Will he simply tidy up some ideas about the characters to end the story or will there be yet another shock to finish.  Click here to find out.

We hope you enjoyed this story and it has made you reflect, particularly about how we all think of others and what ideas we have about them.  Perhaps this book has helped you to understand that it's easy to make judgements about people that aren't true and that you need to get to know people to decide for yourself.

Remember, you can quiz on this book by searching for the title on Accelerated Reader. 

Library Story-Time.

Click on the book to listen to this week's library story time at a time to suit your family.

What has been your favourite book for library-time this half term?  Click on the picture below to vote for your favourite!