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Year 4 - week commencing Monday 15th November

Good Morning :-)

** If there is any work you still need to finish from Friday last week, please do that first.**



Guided Reading

L: to acquire background knowledge about characters in Viking Mythology.

Read the information sheets about Thor and Loki.

Watch the video clips if you would like to. 

Task: - make a poster of your top 5 fun facts for both characters. 

English: to order and group statements about an author into paragraphs

Unit: Features of a biography.


Read the statements about J K Rowling.  Decide which part of her life they fit with and put a tick in the box. 

Then number the statements to organise them into a paragraph.


L: Column Subtraction with an exchange

Complete either mild (A), hot (B) or Flamin' Hot (C).

Please do all of the calculations which are already set as as column subtraction calculations. 

Then do the word problems on both pages for your chosen letter. 


Guided Reading - Sif's Hair

'Just Read' the text 'Sif's Hair'.  Read it out loud, either to yourself or to a grown up at home.

Pause after each paragraph and come up with a freeze frame pose to show your understanding of what is happening in the story.


L: Identify Connectives and write sentences which start with them.

Maths - Times Tables

Log onto Times Tables Rockstars.

Select 'Jamming' and practise each times table individually. 

Then complete a sound check.

Mathletics - 

Complete the tasks set. 



L: Column Subtraction with one exchange - applying reasoning 


L: to write a poem or story with a message of 'kindness'.

Open the document below and watch the 2 video clips for inspiration. 

1. Use a thesaurus if you have one to find synonyms for all of the 'kindness' words on the 2nd slide. 

2. Make a colourful and creative poster with all the words on.

3. Using kind words, write a poem, song or short story which has a message of kindness. 


L: Investigate and measure temperature using a thermometer. 

In science this week we tried to find out how quickly ice melted and if its temperature changed as it did so. 

We had:

ice cubes, and a variety of materials to wrap around the ice cubes (we used cotton wool, tin foil, and paper)

See if you can plan an experiment using the above items which allows you to investigate how quickly ice melts.

Alternatively, you could try the experiments below which involve water and a thermometer.