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Year 4 - week ending Friday 26th November

Maths - Estimate by rounding

In a previous unit of learning we learned how to round numbers.  For example, 58 can be rounded to the nearest ten of 60.  146 could be rounded using its most significant digit (the hundreds) to 100 or to be more accurate could be rounded to the next most significant digit, the tens, which would give a rounded number of 150.

Rounding can be used to estimate amounts or can be used to give an idea of a whether or not an answer to a calculation is likely to be accurate.  Use your knowledge of rounding to solve the applying questions that can be found using the link at the foot of this page..


English - setting description

This week we have been using our descriptive skills to write about a setting, using the images shown when clicking the link below to inspire us.

Write a description of the setting shown.  Remember to include lots of powerful vocabulary (use a thesaurus is possible, perhaps an online one by carrying out a search such as synonym cold) and vary the way you structure sentences.  For example, start or join some sentences with conjunctions (eg after, as, because, once, when, while) and prepositions (eg above, below, between, inside, next to).  If you start a sentence with a conjunction or preposition, remember to use a comma if necessary !



Who do you think lives in the tree trunk house that is shown in the picture we used for our setting description above ?  What is it like inside the house ?  Your task is to draw the inside of the house.  Add in the character that lives there if you would like to.  You could even annotate what you have drawn by adding captions for things you have pictured inside the house.  Be creative !