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Year 4_w.b. Monday 17th January 2022


L: Divide by 10 - Reasoning and Problem Solving

Please look at the 'Divide by 10' video and fluency questions set Friday last week if you have not yet had the chance to attempt those. 

Remember, these are reasoning questions so please show your workings out and explain your answers in words where you can.

**Supporting resources have now been removed **


L: to collect vocabulary for describing a setting vividly. 

For each of the 6 pictures of different areas of North America, think of as much vocabulary as you can to paint a picture with words to describe the setting vividly. 


L: to identify the 23 countries of North America and label them on a map

Tuesday 18th January 2022


L: to show understanding of 6 times table multiplication and division facts

1) Complete a blank time times table square - draw your own or print out the worksheet below and complete on there.

2) Choose mild, hot or flamin' hot task - answer the multiplication and division fact questions for 6 times table.

Check your answers. 

3) Log on to  Practise each times table individually. 


**Supporting resources have now been removed **


English - Guided Reading: Vocabulary

L: to find appropriate vocabulary to fit the meaning of a text.

 Read the sentences and choose the appropriate word that is missing from the choices in the box. 

 Then, check your answers. 


L: to know how to introduce family members in French

If you can open the PowerPoint, you will be able to click on the audio and hear the pronunciation of the family members in French.

If not, it is available as a pdf document - you will just be able to read and recognise the word for the family member in French.

When you have worked out the French name for the family member:

1) label the family members on the family tree worksheet   2) draw and label your own family tree.


Read through the information and look closely at the works of art. 

Over the course of the half term, you are working towards planning an art exhibition. 

Today's task is to:

1) Create an art label for today's piece of art - 'The Light of the World by Holman Hunt'

2) Use the information provided to create a fact sheet about the painting for a brochure in the art gallery's shop.

If you are in Chaffinches class and would like to keep up with the class reader, you can listen to chapters 4 and 5 by clicking on the links below. 

Chapter 4.

Chapter 5. 

Wednesday 19th January

Morning Work & Guided Reading 

1) Complete the Maths Flashback.  Check your answers. 

2) Make your own blank times table grid and fill it in.

3) Read through the 'Arlo the Author' Guided Reading information. 

Answer the 3 question types: The 'Tick It' question, The 'What does this tell you?' question and the 'Why these words?' question.

Check your answers. 

Please also listen to the next installment of the Charlie Small story before the Guided Reading lesson tomorrow. 

Click here to play the video. 


L: Dividing by 100

**Supporting resources have now been removed**


L: to write descriptive sentences and extend them using subordinating conjunctions.

1) Choose the mild or hot task and complete the example sentences using subordinating conjunctions. 

2) Write your own sentences which use subordinating conjunctions, inspired by the pictures from North America. 

Here are some example sentences for you to look at:


In school, all classes have either PE or swimming this afternoon. 

If you are well enough, try to do something to help you stay active in your home. 

If you're stuck for ideas, here is one of the Joe Wicks' work-outs from last year - click here to play. 


Thursday 20th January


Guided Reading

L: Explain the meaning and effect of words in a text

This week in Guided Reading we have been reading the book 'Charlie Small'. Answer some questions about it below. 


L: Multiplying by 1 and 0

**Supporting resources have now been removed **


PSD - How can we cope when dreams are broken?

If you would still like to complete some learning tasks, you might like to get ahead with your creative homework for Spring 1.

Friday 21st January


In school, we will have started our unit on Scratch Coding.  I'm not sure you will be able to access this at home so I thought you could do this instead.

Use Google Maps to have a look at different cities in North America.

You could use the map of North America on to help guide you. 

Can you find out ...?

- the 23 countries in North America and their capital cities

- the time it is over there (this comes up on google maps)

- what the weather is like (this comes up on google maps)


Alternatively, you could use this time to get ahead and start your Spring 1 Creative Homework Project on North America. You can find see the links to help you with this are above. 


L: Dividing by 1 and itself.

**Supporting resources have now been removed **


L: to know whether a circuit is complete or incomplete and to name the different components (parts) needed to make up a circuit. 

Draw and label these items which make up the component parts of a circuit. 

Watch Mr Wilson's video from last year to learn more about circuits. 

From the worksheet below, work out which is the complete and which is the incomplete circuit. 

Draw one more example of a complete circuit and one example of an incomplete circuit.  Explain how you know.