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Year 4_w.b. Monday 24th January 2022

Good morning Year 4 :-)

We hope, that if you are self-isolating and having to complete your learning at home this week, that you will soon be feeling better and can join us back in school shortly.  Take care - from Mrs Beddow, Mr Iles and Mr Wilson. :-)



This week in English, we are building up to writing diary entries based on the book, 'Charlie Small.'  We will be looking for you to use Fronted Adverbials in your writing, so today's English learning task is grammar based and asks you to write sentences showing that you can use Fronted Adverbials correctly. 

Click here to read and complete the activities on BBC Bitesize and then have a go at the questions below. 


L: to identify factor pairs

Complete the learning tasks below.

1) Complete all of the factor pairs rainbows.

2) Choose at least 3 of the reasoning / problem solving tasks to apply your learning of being able to identify factor pairs. 

**Supporting resources have now been removed**


This week we are learning about the different physical geographical features that can be found in North America. 

Have a look at the example map and colour code the blank map to reflect the example. 


If you are unable to do this at home because you do not have a printer, then please watch the suggested video.  It will give you a really good idea of what the geographical landscape looks like in the United States of America and has some stunning photo images. (Ignore the part about filling in the passport, I would imagine this is something Mrs Knect who made the video is asking her class to do).

Click here to watch the video. 


Optional: If you are still keen to learn more, you could watch Mr Wilson's video that he made for the remote learning period last year.  Click here if you would like to do that. 


Remember, our Spring 1 Creative Project is linked to North America.  So, if you still have some time left this afternoon, then you could start / continue the project you have chosen to do and try to get a little bit ahead. 

Tuesday 25th January 2022


L: to show understanding of 7 times table multiplication and division facts

1) Complete a blank time times table square - draw your own with a pencil and ruler complete on there.

2) Log on to  Practise each times table individually.



Reread the example diary entry from yesterday. 

Draw a story map to show the timeline of events that the diary writer tells us what happens. 



Continue to work on your Spring 1 home learning project, using the instructions and resources above to help you.


Wednesday 26th January 2022



L: to show understanding of factor pairs


Find all the factors of each target number.  The number of factors is shown in brackets:

a) 13 (2)                         g) 60 (12)

b) 28 (6)                         h) 72 (12)

c) 32 (6)                         i)  88 (8)

d) 40 (8)                         j) 100 (9)

e) 48 (10)                       k) 126 (12)

f) 54 (8)                          l) 144 (15)



Break down the second number into factors to help work out each problem.

1) 18 x 6 =                        4) 84 divided by 4 = 

2) 16 x 8 =                        5) 210 divided by 14 = 

3) 22 x 12 =                      6) 96 divided by 6 = 



L: Write sentences including fronted adverbials that follow the 'show not tell technique'.

Write sentences about the pictures of the landscapes you might see on a journey across the USA.





In school, all classes have either PE or swimming this afternoon. 

If you are well enough, try to do something to help you stay active in your home. 

If you're stuck for ideas, here is one of the Joe Wicks' work-outs from last year - click here to play. 


Thursday 27th January


L: Factor Pairs

Continue deepening your learning on factor pairs and complete the learning tasks below. 

**Supporting resources have now been removed **


L: Plan and write a diary entry

Imagine a journey across the United States of America.

Look at the pictures to inspire you (taken from Monday's geography video).

Draw a story map to plan your diary entry first and then write it. 


L: to draw a landscape

Choose one of the landscape pictures and draw it.