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Year 5 - Llandudno

Aims of the Visit


  • To compare a seaside town to Solihull
  • To explore coastal defences 
  • To gain and insight in to the history of Conwy Castle
  • Build team skills



We have a ratio of one member of staff to every ten children for this visit. The activities are led by both Greswold staff and staff from Conwy Youth Hostel. Greswold staff are always on hand for pastoral care even when not leading activities. 


The children sleep on separate floors for boys and girls. Greswold staff sleep close by and children are made aware what to do if they have a problem during the night. We will have exclusive access to Conwy Youth Hostel where we will be the only visitors at the time of our stay.     


The children eat their meals together as a group. On the first evening, there is a cooked meal at Conwy Youth Hostel. In the morning, they will have the choice of a cooked breakfast or cereal. For lunch, there is a choice of sandwiches. On the second evening, we will be enjoying fish and chips along Conwy harbour: the children will have a range of options to choose from here. Arrangements can be made for vegetarians or children with other specific dietary requirements.


The following activities are just a taster of what the children will experience whilst away in Wales


Exploring Llandudno town centre


The children will be looking at Llandudno's town centre and pier and conducting field work. The High Street Survey we will be completing in Llandudno is part of our Geography topic which we will use when back at school to compare to our survey of Solihull High Street.

Visiting Conwy Castle


Conwy Castle is one of the finest examples of late 13th century and early 14th century military architecture in Europe. The children get to explore the castle and learn about its features - bringing our history topic of castles to life.

Beach study


The children will spend time walking along the beach to discuss its coastal defences. This again will link to our Geography topic which we will have covered before our visit to Llandudno, where children will get to see the benefits of using coastal defences and how they work in a real-life setting. There will also be some time to enjoy the beach and have fun.  

Team building activities 


This part of the visit will be run by the staff at Conwy Youth Hostel (and supervised by Greswold staff at all times) where the children will be able to complete a range of activities as part of a group. Working together as a team is the key to success!