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Year 5 - Week commencing 23.11.20

Hello Elms class! Please find a timetable below with all of your tasks for the next few days on. I will be updating this with further tasks next week so please keep an eye out! Try to complete some form of PE each day and don't forget the daily spelling tasks.


Alongside your subjects, please try to complete 20-30 minutes (at least!) of reading daily, and complete AR quizzes. For every quiz taken I will award 2 house points. You can now log onto myOn using the same details as your AR, so everyone should be able to access some form of reading.


Feel free to upload pictures of your work (the Elms picture on the webpage before this one)  if you wish, and we will be discussing some of our work in class next week.

Day 1 - Wednesday:


Firstly, we will focus on our Reading skills. Please complete the reading comprehension (below). The answers are on the last few pages if you'd like to mark it yourself after attempting the questions.



In maths we are continuing  to look at statistics. Have a go at the following tasks after looking at the Powerpoint. 


Try the worksheet straight onto paper and then have a go at marking it yourself. You can choose which task you'd like (Mild/Hot/Flamin' Hot).


Research how day and night occur and present your findings however you like.


This could be as a poster, piece of writing, diagram, mind map or any other way you can think of. If you are struggling, see the document below.

Day 2 - Thursday: 


We are going to look at persuasive language. Watch the video and complete the task (on timetable).


In Maths, watch the video (on timetable) and see if you can draw a line graph. The document below has the data for your graph.


Look at the Powerpoint and complete the tasks alongside it. You will need the help of a parent or sibling to take part in the activities.

Day 3 - Friday:


In English we have been looking at Jazz Harper: Space Explorer. Read chapter 3 (link on timetable), answer the questions on it (below) and then read Chapter Four ready for next week.


Watch BBC Teach video about timetables (link on Timetable) and then complete task below.


Follow the links on the Timetable to gather ideas and experiment with making Christmas decorations for our classroom. There is a range of activities including drawing, craft making and origami.