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Our Values

Our values underpin life at Greswold. The six core values, chosen in 2014, are belonging, respect, independence, kindness, curiosity and respect. These are often sorted to BRICKS to help the children to remember them. It is apt that bricks are solid building blocks, reflecting that we feel that these values are important building blocks for learning together as a community.



Each half term we have a focus on a different value and these are taught about through assemblies and lessons in an age-appropriate way.



We want children to feel they belong here at Greswold. Our school uniform is one key aspect of making children feel part of our community and we encourage children to take pride in their uniform and look smart. The sense of belonging is fostered through assemblies and children from Year 1 become part of our four school houses, earning house points by their work and behaviour. Children are encouraged to look after their school environment. As children move into Key Stage 1 and 2 there are opportunities for them to represent Greswold in competitive sporting events or with other activities such as maths quizzes.


 Keep Calm and Be Smart


How can children demonstrate the value of Belonging?


• Looking smart

• Making ‘smart’ choices about their behaviour and learning

• Looking after our school – inside and out

• Taking pride in their learning

• Looking after themselves and others

• Making everyone in our school feel welcome

• Being in the right place at the right time

• Knowing where or who to go to for help



Respect is such an important part of our school and we encourage children to use good manners from their first day at Greswold. From the time they start in Foundation Key Stage, children are encouraged to take turns, share resources and to listen to each other. As they move through school we ensure the children have respect for all of the adults they encounter at Greswold. It is also important that they also respect their peers and children value other people’s opinions. This value is closely linked to kindness. Children are also expected to show respect for the school environment and resources, for example picking items up that have fallen onto the floor.


 Keep Calm and Show Respect


How can children demonstrate the value of Respect?


  • Remembering manners – ‘Please’, ‘Thank you’ etc.
  • Treating people how they would like to be treated
  • Listening to others – adults and children
  • Being honest
  • Following instructions
  • Looking after belongings, both inside and outside the classroom
  • Looking after our school, both inside and outside
  • Keeping the classroom and cloakroom tidy
  • Remember that we may all be different but we are all equal
  • Follow the Greswold 5 a day